There are two major calendar systems followed all over the world: solar calendar and lunar calendar. Solar calendar is more popular in christian where as muslims follow lunar calendar. Despite of majority following the solar one, why do muslims follow lunar calendar ? In the following article we have tried to answer this question logically that “Why do Muslims follow lunar calendar? “.

We are aware that according to the Solar calendar, every year the months fall in the same respective seasons of that location. For example, the months of March, April and May in south Asia will always have summer. While July, August, September will always have monsoons i.e. rains. November, December and January will always have winter.

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In the lunar calendar in different years the months fall in a different season.

The lunar calendar has about 11 days less than the solar calendar. Thus, every year, the month of the lunar calendar occurs 11 days prior to what it had occurred in the previous solar year. Thus, in a span of about 33 years a human being will experience all the different seasons for one particular month of the lunar calendar. This is very important because the yearly activities of a Muslim are based on the lunar calendar. Certain months like Ramadan and Hajj are very important to the Muslims.

During Ramadhan a Muslim has to fast which includes abstaining from food and drink from sunrise to sunset. If the Islamic months were based on the solar calendar where the seasons were fixed. Then people living in certain parts of the world would have Ramadhan in summer. While in other parts of the world it would be winter. Some Muslims would have to fast for a longer period of time where the days are long. Also some other Muslims fast for shorter period of time where the days are short. If the seasons did not change, then Muslims living in some parts of the world may feel that they are at a disadvantage throughout their lives.

So, That is why muslims follow lunar calendar. In this way, every muslim can enjoy all the religious events like ramadan and hajj in every season in a span of 33 years of life.

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5 Responses to Why do Muslims follow lunar calendar

  1. Habiba says:

    Thanks I learned a lot

  2. Amna Farooq says:

    wa alikum salaam habiba 🙂
    welcome, and keep visiting us.

  3. Gul Bukhari says:

    The logic is not worth. People living in Norway always have to fast for 16-22 hours, irrespective of seasons. Furthermore, middle-east is always hot when compared with Europe etc.

    The correct logic is that Arabs used to follow same months and lunar year for centuries and islam continued the same.

  4. KT says:

    Muslims follow lunar calendar because the religion copied most of its stuffs from Jewish calendar. They try to defend just make their religion great.

  5. habib khan says:

    Assalam O Allaikum Brother / Sister

    We are following the same religion called Islam who used to be followed by Jewish Brothers & Sisters at the time of Prophet Mose (PBOH). We do not need to defend it. The Lunar Calendar was also supported by Prophet Ibrahim (PBOH) in his time.

    Also following lunar or Solar calendar has nothing to do Islam. You are equally great Muslim even if you follow Solar Calendar. The calendar helps humans to remember days and execute daily chores.

    Jazak Allah Khairan

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