We all are aware of the chaos world is facing as a result of terrorism. Being a Muslim, we are more prone to the outcomes of such incidents, since ISLAM or MUSLIMS are often held accountable for every cracker fired around the globe. Aftershocks of 9/11 had not yet been lowered, and we saw another shocking incident of “Paris Attacks.” After this Paris attack, we all have observed a new “anti-Islam” or “Islamophobic” wave emerging in almost all non-Muslim states.

Threat for Muslims:

Some Muslim brothers and sisters have even experienced serious life threats (which of course went unnoticed in mainstream media). You are walking on a street wearing hijab or are buying something in a superstore, and some guy would come and address you with some full hate comment because you were covering your head or have a beard. So it’s becoming hard to our sisters and brothers to observe Sunnahs that are observable and would help to identify you as a Muslim. So what should you do? Stop wearing hijab in the west? Cut your boards? No ! we can find a middle way.

My advice to my fellow sisters wearing hijab is ” be smart, NOT reactionary and overcome with fear”. If you feel unsafe and anxious given the latest tragedy, just pull out those hooded sweatshirts, beanies, hats, and wraps, for a while until the dust settles. Seriously, now is NOT the time to unleash your inner G.I. Jane and walk around acting tough and hard, or unfazed as some personal political statement against the tired rhetoric.

NO, you’re not responsible for the actions of anyone other than yourself. And NO your faith has nothing to do with “terrorism” or the motivations of any mass murderer. WE UNDERSTAND AND AGREE, just as the majority of rational and educated people do. HOWEVER, and this is a BIG there are MANY very ignorant and racist people who are ready to POUNCE and cause you harm for only looking like “the enemy.” So, it’s time to “tie your camel” and protect yourself and your family.

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Tips for Wearing Hijab:

Here are some general tips for wearing hijab in the west.

  1. Keep a baseball cap, beanie, or hat in your car. Wear it over your head when driving and anywhere public you don’t feel safe. The car is one place where you can easily be targeted. because you’re isolated, and cowards think they’re especially tough when in a moving vehicle. Better not to even risk any psychopath trying to cuss at you or run you off the road. Wear a hat or a hoodie. It’s cold, and you’ll fit in just fine.
  2. Check your surroundings whenever you’re out in public. Pay attention to anyone who is giving you ugly glares/stares or seems to be following you. Immediately report suspicious behavior and do NOT take anything lightly.
  3. Do NOT stay out late alone at night. Always try to find a buddy to carpool with or ask someone to escort you to your car at night.
  4. Buy some mace.Seriously, it’s worth it. Buy it now and put it on your key chain. And of course, remember to take caution to protect any young children from it!
  5. Inform your loved ones where you are going and when you will be back. If you have an iPhone, you can even set up the “Find Friends” app (on the latest update) and track the whereabouts of your spouses, children, parents, etc.
  6. Limit Your Activities:

Consider limiting your activities to absolute necessities or if you’re able to, just lay low for at least the next few days and don’t go out. Emotions are very high, and although the entire story hasn’t been told, a lot of people will draw their conclusions and act on their feelings. If you don’t need to go out, stay home as much as possible.

7. And most important, always remember there is no protection

greater than with Allah (Subhana Wa Ta`Ala). Fulfill your prayers,say your duas for protection and do your absolute best to leave the house in a state of wudu. May Allah (SWT) protect us all and keep us  vigilant. May He deliver justice to the innocent victims of this  horrible tragedy, and may He deal with the suspects, among the living and the dead, in this life and the next according to the evil and horror they’ve caused! Ameen!”‘

I hope these tips would be useful for you. Do suggest us in comments if you have some better ideas. We do have some other articles for our working Muslim sisters about safety tips, read here and share with others too.

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