Uthman ibn affan radhi Allahu anhu was martyred on the 18th of Dhil-Hajjah similar to the days we are in now.
Here is a reminder about the Excellence and Nobility of Hazrat Uthman zun-noorain.

Uthman ibn Affaan is a name, when heard, one immediately gets an image of a man who is too kind, wise , generous , compassionate yet dignified , a man whose attributes were “haya , emaan, generosity “ . He was the third Khalifah and hence one can say he was the third best person in the ummah. His mother urwaa bint kuraiz was a cousin of the prophet sallallaho alaihe wasallam , since his maternal grandmother umme-Hakeem Al-Baidhaa bint Abdul Muttalib was the twin sister of the prophet’s father Abdullah.(Tareekhul-khulafaa).
He accepted Islam right in the beginning at the dawah of Abu Bakr r.a.
He was blessed with the good fortune of being the ONLY man in the entire humanity to be married to two daughters of a prophet ,and not just any prophet but two daughters of the imam and seal of all the prophets. Hence he was known as Zun-noorain, the keeper of “two lights”.
Initially being married to Ruqayyah radhi Allaho anha, She and Hazrat Uthman ibn affan radhi Allaho anhuma both made hijrah to Abysinia and then to Madinah. When Ruqayyah radhi Allaho anha passed away, the prophet sallallaho alaihe wasallam gave his other daughter Umme Kulthoom radhi Allaho anha in marriage to him.

Uthman ibn affan was from the Banu Umayyah and Allah had blessed him with abundance of goodness , wealth and generosity. Yet being from such a wealthy family, he was too down to earth person. On many occasions at the encouragement of the prophet he spent many thousands of Dirhams in the path of Allah and the prophet on numerous occasions gave him the glad tiding and assurance of Jannah, including when he bought a well in Madinah from a jew for drinking water for all the muslims.
At the time of Tabook he gave 300 horses at the appeal of Rasoolullah sallallaho alaihe wasallam and the prophet became so happy that he said,
ما ضرَّ عثمانَ ما عمل بعد اليومِ .
” After today no action of Uthman will ever harm him.”
He also paid for the wedding of Hazrat Ali to Fatimah radhi Allaho anhuma. He bought Hazrat Ali’s armour from him for four hundred dirhams and then returned it to him as a wedding present.

Hayaa or modesty is a major part of iman. Uthman ibn affan radhi Allaho anho had so much hayaa that the prophet once said,
ألا أستحي من رجل تستحيي منه الملائكة
“Should I not feel haya from a man from whom even the angels feel haya.”
He would weep so much with the fear of Allah at the mention of death that his beard would become wet. He would recite the whole Quran in one rakaat of witr.
Once the prophet sallallaho alaihe wasallam made mention of fitana and problems and said referring to Uthman ibn affan,
هذا يومئذ على الحق
“He will be on Haq”.

The prophet sallallaho alaihe wasallam also informed him that Allah will clothe him with a robe , people will want to remove it , but he should not allow them to have their way. He understood it to mean khilaafah.
Rebels and mischief makers confined him to his house and after twelve years of khilaafah during which Islam spread to more than 6.6 million square miles, he was martyred in his own house while reciting the Quran on the 18th of Dhil-Hajjah.

The prophet sallallaho alaihe wasallam also said,
“For every Nabi there is a companion in paradise and my companion is Uthman.”

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