Having kids is one of the biggest blessings of Allah (SWT). A parent is such a delight for a married couple to a significant milestone, to say the least. Islamic Parenting
But this happiness comes with HUGE responsibility. You, being a parent, have a whole little LIFE in your hands. You have control over either to make an example for the world or to destroy it. It’s like you have an ugly white board and it’s now completely up to you what you write on it.Here are some Islamic parenting tips that can help you to raise your children according to Islamic rules.

Take it seriously

Remember, Islamic Parenting is a tough and full-time job. You always need to be on front foot. Every day, every hour, every minute even every second of time you are on duty. There are no leaves or off days. Just make sure you never get tired of it. Program your mind accordingly so that you enjoy each moment of your duty of being PARENT.Your kids are a gift from ALLAH, and you will be asked by HIM that how you raised your children. If they are not grown up in Islamic way because of your negligence, then it won’t be good in this world and hereafter.

Always be there

Always be there with your kids when you should be there and also when they need you to be there. Neither leave them alone nor handover them to other to take care of them. I know it’s pretty hard the busy life nowadays when everyone is busy with jobs and all but I assure you that your kids worth your time. It’s OK to have less luxurious life, small car, less expensive clothes, moderately decorated house. but it’s NOT OK to have a poorly grown kid who does not know how to spend life according to Islamic values.
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Preach by example

You are the first and biggest teacher of your children. So don’t just teach and preach them but be an example for them.live the life yourself in front of them that you want them to live. Islamic Parenting

Direct their activities

Be the partner of your kids and keep an eye on their activities and habits from an early age. You are the ideal of your children so direct their operations and interests according to Islam. Create their interest in listening and learning Quran. Tell them stories of Prophets, teach them how to pray, tell them Who created us and How much Allah loves us all. If you be successful in making the base of Islam in your kids in early age, then they will surely be good Muslims when grown up.

Teach life morals in light of Quran and hadith

Teach them to pray, to make dua, to share, to care, give charity to poor from their hand. Teach them that cleanliness is half of emaan and how to keep their selves and environment clean.Not only show them acts but also tell them logic behind them and will help them to connect with their daily life routine and will be a great help for you in Islamic parenting.

Make prayer an unusual activity 

They will pray if the see you praying on time. Show to them through your attitude that how much prayer is necessary for our life. Keep them with you while praying. and share with them what Duas you make after each prayer.

Tell them Sunnah

Starting from small acts of Sunnah. direct them to big ones as well. Start from sit while drinking water, eating from the right hand, say salam while entering a home or meeting someone, etc. Let them practice it all along with you.

Feed them Halal Food

Tell them the worth of Halal and the difference between Halal and Haram. So that further in their life, they can follow the same path.

Try to make them Productive

Teach them how to spend their time. Teach your kids Quran, let them memorize daily life supplications. involve them in cleaning and organizing their room, require them to arrange Islamic settings in your home, etc.

Help them to choose and make friends

Friends of your kids will be affecting their personality for sure so keep a close eye on their company. Help them to find and filter their friends and discuss what activities they have with their buddies.

Do Dua

Always make lots of duas for your kids and ask Allah (SWT) to make your efforts fruitful.
These were few tips we think are important for upbringing Muslim children. Please do share with us if you know anything else except this.Looking forward to hearing the suggestions from your side.you can share your thoughts in the comment area below.

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  1. khan says:

    We can play our role as good parents if we practically teach our kids. If we speak truth our kids will learn speaking truth. If we respect our elders our kids will learn to respect the elders. If we don’t do so then our kids will not do so.

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