Tahajjud Prayer Benefits.

Tahajjud means to abandon sleep to pray Salat. The Tahajjud prayer may be performed between 2 and 8 Rakat. But, you can act like two, four, six, or eight rakahs as well. The Qur’an refers to it in Surah 17:79 and says:

 “And (during part) of the night, abandon sleep and keep vigil to pray Salat, in addition to the regular obligatory prayer. Your Rabb (the Sustainer) may (as a reward) elevate you to the position of High Distinction, Glory and Praise.”

The Prophet (SAWW) said:

 “I will be at “Maqam-e-Mahmuda” on the Day of Resurrection when I will seek forgiveness for the sinners from the Rabb (the Sustainer) who does what He wills.”

Time of Tahajjud Prayer:

Tahajjud prayer is executed in the last third of a night in the wake of awakening one’s rest. It can’t be offered straight away after Isha, yet just after one’s rest, neither when the time is close to Fajr.

Conditions And Format Of This Namaz: Tahajjud Prayer Meaning:

    1. Make an unmistakable intention of performing Tahajjud prayer and rearrange to wake up finally a piece of the night by utilizing Alarm Clock.
    2. Make and maintain the complete condition of cleanliness and do mandatory Wudu (thorough cleansing) as performed before other prayers.
    3. Move to a clean and calm place in the house is far from diversions.
    4. Remove all kinds of everyday matters, burdens, and stresses from one’s heart to better focus on meeting with Allah SWT and accomplishing His Mercy.
    5. Offer at least two Rakats up to 12, depending on one’s willpower.

What should we recite at night prayers?

Our Prophet used to recite long chapters during qayam (standing up position in prayer) at the Tahajjud prayer. Those were the chapters such as Baqarah, Nisa, or Al-Imran. And he used to keep long the rukuh (bowing position in worship) and prostrations as well. He used to think about the deep meaning of the verses. Following the prayers, he often used to supplicate concisely, remember Allah, and aplenty used to repent and ask for forgiveness.


The month of Ramazan is coming. It offers a decent open door and valuable time to perform Tahajjud prayer, mainly when the season of initiating the fast is favorable. Allah [swt] gives a great prize for every one of our demonstrations of love amid this favored month.

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  3. Imran Khushi says:


  4. Munawar Chowdhury says:

    If Fazr starts @ 3:53 am and I wake up at 3:30 am for Tahajjud prayer will it be acceptable.

  5. Rumsha says:


  6. Jamaludeen says:

    Pls send me all dua after namaz

  7. Aysha says:

    Masha allah

  8. Mohaimenul Hoqe says:

    Can I pray tahajjud after praying Witr, by any chance?

  9. Amna Farooq says:

    @mohaimenul Hoqe
    I heard a lecture of Dr. javed ahmad ghamidi. he said, witar is not an obligatory prayer, obligatory rakaas are only 4 in isha prayer. according to this point of view, if one offers any prayers after witer, i dont think he would be sinfull.
    or lets turn it around, would ALLAH punish you if you felt that you need to pray 2 nafal at night for any reason (and u have already offered witar along isha) my logic says”No, Allah wouldn’t”.
    any how, you can confirm from any authentic scholar.

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