Divorce is a game of seconds. Divorce in Islam is the most disliked permissible act.


In the earlier times, no rules of divorce were set, men used to divorce their women out of anger or any other reason and after some time they used to take them back. Women were not given any rights and they were forced to go back in the marriage with their ex-husbands. This inequality and injustice was addressed by Islam and there were rules set to divorce so that no injustice could take place.

As said earlier, divorce is not liked and it should be chosen as a last resort when one sees that there is nothing left in the relation to continue


The Holy Prophet (Peace be upon him) said:

“Never did Allah more hateful to Him than divorce” [Abu Dawud 13 : 3]               muslim-divorce

Divorce in Islam is not only the right of man but also if a female is not comfortable with her husband,

if he beats her and does not give her due rights or compels her to do what is forbidden acts, she can ask

him for divorce and man cannot keep her if she does not wants to live with him. But the best thing is to

resolve the issue peacefully.



In Holy Qur’an Divorce is prohibited when the courses are on. as it is said to be “harmful” [2:222]. It was brought to the notice of Holy Prophet (Peace be upon him) that Ibn Umar had divorced his wife while she was menstruating. The divorce was declared to be illegal by Prophet (Peace be upon him) and Ibn Umar was asked to take his wife back [Bukhari 68:1]. Thus divorce is only permitted in the state of tuhr (when women is clear from menstrual discharge)


Every divorce must be followed by a period of waiting called Iddah.

“O Prophet (Peace be upon him) when you divorce women, divorce them for their ‘Iddhah (prescribed or waiting, time) [65:1]

“And the divorce women should keep themselves in waiting for three courses (Quru)” [2:228]

Quru is the state of entering from state of cleanness to the state of menstruation. In normal cases it is about four weeks. Iddah is about three months [65:4] and in case of pregnant women the Iddah period is till delivery. The purpose of Iddah is affording the parties a chance of reconciliation.

“O Prophet When you divorce women, divorce them at their ‘Iddah (prescribed periods) and count (accurately) their ‘Iddah (periods) [Surah  Al-Talaaq 65:1]


There is no concept of three divorce at one time, like we see in our society today. Islam has a proper set of rules for divorce. A man if divorce to his wife by saying [I divorce you, I divorce you, I divorce you] at one time, it will be considered as one divorce and he can wait for the iddah period and can save his marriage.

“And their husbands have a better right to take them back in the meanwhile if they wish for reconciliation [2:228]


After one divorce if husband does not see any chances of reconciliation, he can give her the second divorce and wait for Iddah period, if in that Iddah period things go normal, the marriage is safe else after the third divorce, there is no turning back now it is irrevocable.


If a women is divorced and she marries to someone else, and the other person also divorces her then she can remarry to her first husband if they are happy and willing to stay with each other.

“And if he has divorced her (the third time), then she is not lawful unto him thereafter until she has married another husband. Then, if the other husband divorces her, it is no sin on both of them that they reunite, provided they feel that they can keep the limits ordained by Allah. These are the limits of Allah, which He makes plain for the people who have knowledge” [Surah Al-Baqarah 2:230]

laws or divorce

Husband and wife both should over look the bad habits and concentrate on the good habits of the life partner. In this way the relation can be saved, In fact, the love between wife and husband increases because the tolerance level increases.

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10 Responses to Rules of Divorce in Islam

  1. Muh. Qasim Adebayo says:

    It gladden my heart to see this post. Jazakalahu khair! The issues of divorce has become more rampant these days. The couples are not ready to tolerate each other anymore even our environment we find ourselves are not encouraging at all. May Almighty Allah make our home more peaceful for us. We need more of this, more grease to your elbow. Ma salam!

  2. Hobyo says:

    Asalamu aliekum thank you all gor this clarification but have one qurstion. Can a man go back to his wife after being part for some years?

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  6. adam saeed says:

    is it true that one can take his wife back after saying i divorce you three time at a blow if he says it out of annoyance and is there any hadith backing this

  7. Amna Farooq says:

    @adam saeed
    brother, there is a bith contradiction in this issue among different scholars. so it would be dependent upon which sect you follow. i am not much qualified to answer this delicate question. keep visiting us.

  8. siraj says:

    If a man divorce her wife but not infront of her .the witness is a other one women only.is talaak is done or no please reply.

  9. Fathia says:

    My husband left me after a very serious issue of cheating in the house, is been a 13 months now. How can I get him back ? I apologies to him a lot, jazallah

  10. Amna Farooq says:

    It is really sad to hear that you have to face such circumstances.
    keep praying and stay hopeful. A sincere repentance towards ALLAH can bring you blessings of Allah. Give your usband some time, and then seek a sincere apology from him. you can also try involving elders of the family.
    Do visit us again.
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