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What does “ihram” mean?


Ihram literally means to enter in the state, that can not be broken. In Islam, who enters in state of Ihram is “Muhrim”.It is compulsory to enter in state of “ihram” while performing Umrah and Hajj.

Entering in state of Ihram:

Before entering in state of Ihram, it is obligatory to cut your nails and trim you hairs(under arms and public). These actions are Sunnah of our Holy Prophet (PBUH), but not obligatory; and this applies to both men and women.

The method of Ihram:

First perform Wudhu, then wear new cloths, apply perfumes and perform two rakat nafal(its optional, not compulsory). After this, recite this duas:

اللهم اني اريد الحج العمرة فيسره لي و تقبله مني

“Oh Allah I intend to perform Hajj/umrah so make it easy for me and accept it from me.”

Then perform tawaf and following talbiyaah:

Labbaik Allahumma labbaik; labbaik la sharika laka labbaik; Innal-hamda wan-ni’mata laka wal-mulk, la sharika laka.”

“I am present Oh Allah I am present, I am present (I testify that) there is no God besides you I am present, Indeed all praises and blessings are yours and the kingdom is yours, There is no God besides you.”

Ihram is the important pillar of Hajj and without this no Hajj and Umrah can be performed. All Muslims should know the require ments of the Hajj and Umrah.

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Which things are not allowed in state of Ihram?


  1. Hunting
  2. Sex activities.
  3. Kissing the woman.
  4. Touching the woman.
  5. Looking and play with women.
  6. Masturbation.
  7. Marriage ceremony
  8. Using perfume.
  9. Men wearing the sewn clothes.
  10. Use of kohl/Kajal(surma).
  11. Looking in a mirror.
  12. Men wearing shoes or socks.
  13. Teasing others.
  14. Quarreling
  15. Killing the insects on other’s body.
  16. Using cosmetics.
  17. Applying oil on the body.
  18. Removing of hairs from the body.
  19. Men covering head
  20. Women covering face.
  21. Men shading themselves from sun or rain.
  22. Coming out blood from body.
  23. Cutting of nail
  24. Extraction of teeth
  25. Wearing of arms

Does i smoke when i am in ihram?


In state of Ihram, any thing that smell is strictly prohibited. Smoking also give smell, so it is prohibited in state of ihram.

“Perfume is everything that has a pleasant scent to it, and it is considered by sensible people (u’qala) to be a form of perfume.” (al-Fatawa al-Hindiyya, 1/240)

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