(Prior to performing obligations on first day of hajj, one must know the preparatory obligations. For pre requisites of hajj, this is the first part of hajj series: Introduction to Hajj).

First day of hajj is on 8Th dhul hijjah. This day is YOUM-U-TARWIYAH. After the pilgrims entered the state of Ihram, they begin reciting the invocation :

Here I am, Oh God, at Your command!
Here I am at Your command!
You are without associate!
Here I am at Your command!
To You are all praise, grace and dominion!
You are without associate!

Sounds of “LABBAIK ALLAHUMMA LABBAIK” echo in whole city. Upon reaching makkah, the very first obligation is of TAWAAF.


Tawaaf is a ritual of circumambulating the kabbah exactly seven times. It start from the point of Hajr-e-aswad (the black stone). Few lucky pilgrims also get a chance of touching and kissing the Hajr-e-aswad. During the tawaaf, all the pilgrims have to recite takbeer. It is recommended for men to do initial three laps in a fast pace. Last four laps can be covered in a normal speed. So the tawaaf ends at the point of MAQAAM E IBRAHIM by offering two rakaah prayer at that point. Then they drink the zam zam water.

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After Tawaaf the very next obligation is of SA’I. In SAI, pilgrim has to walk with a fast pace between the two mountains in makkah. The tow famous mountains are “SAFA” and “MARWAH”. This ritual in hajj is actually done in the memory of Hazrat Hajra, when she ran between these two mountains seven time in search of water. The baby Ismail (a.s) was crying and rubbing his toes on ground because of thirst, when finally on the 7th time , and under ground water fountain sprang. This holy water reservoir was named as ZAM ZAM.

So, Intention of Sa’i are with sincerity for seeking the pleasure of Allah. Because it is by saying, “I am doing sa‘i between Safa and Marwah seven rounds for hajj at-tamattu‘ to seek nearness of Almighty Allah.


Now pilgrims move towards Mina, Where they would spend the remaining day and one night. Mina is a small village at the east of the city. So, Pilgrims spend their night in tents camped at mina, reading Quran, praying and resting for the next day .
These were the obligations to be performed on the first day of hajj, preceding rituals on the second day of hajj are covered in the next article of our Hajj series.

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