Hajj Packages and Legal Requirements

Shop around for a Hajj package that suits your needs. Try to look for a travel agent who can help you with the other details of Hajj such as the legal requirements, Hajj tours, etc. Hajj preparations require several legal documents such as a visa, immunization records, birth certificate, marriage certificate, etc. Check with the Embassy of Saudi Arabia or a Hajj/Umrah travel agent to go over all the requirements and get the paperwork ready.

Physical Preparations

As you being your Hajj preparations, it is wise to begin improving your level of physical fitness. Hajj is a physically demanding task (having to walk in the heat, run between Safa and Marwa, etc.) so begin preparing for this by getting involved in some form of physical activity such as walking, running, cycling or sports. Also, get a medical checkup.

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ClothingHajj Preparations

It is not necessary for you to wear you to enter the airplane wearing your ihram. So for Hajj Preparations Wear comfortable clothes which you can take off easily so that you can change into your ihram when the time comes.
Another point worth mentioning is to take clothes with the climate of Saudi Arabia in mind. There is no need for you to pack your favorite winter jacket as there is no need for it in the Saudi Arabia’s desert climate. Bring light clothes suitable enough for the number of days you are staying. Keep in mind though that you may be buying clothes there so pack wisely. You do not want to bring a bag full of clothes only to buy new clothes in Saudi Arabia but have no way of bringing them back home with you.
Also, make sure your clothes align with what is acceptable in Saudi Arabia. For women, it is probably best to wear an abaya. Since you will most likely be in Makkah and Madinah during your Hajj stay, a niqab is not necessary. But I have heard that outside Makkah and Madinah, it may be better to wear a niqab. For men, do not wear shorts which expose the knees.


For men, the ihram is a two-piece unhemmed cloth where one sheet is tied around the waist, and the other layer covers the upper body.
For women, the ihram clothing is no different from how one would normally cover in hijab.


Keep your luggage light, bringing only the essentials. One suggestion for Hajj preparation is to remain in mind that you probably will be bringing a few things back for friends and family, so save some space in your luggage for this stuff. Read the regulations of your country’s airport to find out what you can and cannot bring with you in your carry-on luggage to avoid any problems.

Dua List

Hajj is the best time to make dua. As Hajj preparations, make a Dua for yourself, so you don’t spend valuable time merely thinking of what to ask for. A list of Dua would give you a chance to reflect on your shortcomings, making your repentance sincerer. When going for Hajj, many people will ask you to make dua for them. It would be difficult to remember all the Dua you are supposed to go, so a list of Dua will help you remember all them and make dua for them.

Other Tipsajj Preparations

Ask people who have performed Hajj about their experiences what was difficult, what problems arose and how they solved them, etc. so that you are better prepared. Also, remember to stay hydrated throughout and take with you any required medications.

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