Once there was a trader he was very strong in his faith and in all matters he always placed his faith in ALLAH. For his business matters, he often used to travel from Syria to Madinah. Once he was travelling and confronted by robbers, who drew his sword and intended to kill the trader.

The Trader:

“If you want my wealth then come and take away my wealth and leave me alone,” the robber said that it is necessary to kill you because if I let you go free then you will identify me to the authorities. After hearing this trader requested that give me time because I have to offer two rakat prayers.

The robber allowed him to offer his prayer. He engaged himself in prayers. After completing the prayer the trader raised his hands and said: my dear lord I have heard from your beloved Prophet (Pbuh) that the person who places his trust in You shall remain protected. I am alone in this desert and have no helper; my only hope is your grace.

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Trust in Allah:

Having placed all his trust in Allah (SWT), trader had hardly finished his prayer when a person on a white horse appeared. When the rider came close he confronted the robber and killed him with his sword. Then the rider said to trader, “O’ You, who places your trust in Allah (SWT)! I have killed the enemy of Allah (SWT) and He has delivered you from him.”

The trader was surprised and asked “Who are you that you have come to my assistance in this desert?”He answered “I am your faith.” Allah (SWT) brought me out in the form of an Angel and I was in the heavens when Angel Jibril said to me.

Hasten to the assistance of your master and exterminate his enemy”, and I came here to help you.”

After saying this, he disappeared out of sight.

The trader fell down in worship of thanksgiving to Allah (SWT) and acquired a stronger conviction with respect to the instructions of Noble Prophet Muhammad (saws) regarding Tawakkul.

On reaching Madinah, trader went to beloved Prophet (Pbuh) and told him the whole story. The prophet (Pbuh) said:

“Indeed! Tawakkul raises a person to the pinnacle of success and the rank of a person who possesses it, is equivalent to the ranks of the Prophets, the friends of Allah (SWT), the righteous ones and the martyrs.”

“… Put your trust in Allah, certainly, Allah loves those who put their trust (in Him). If Allah helps you, none can overcome you; and if He forsakes you, who is there after Him that can help you? And in Allah (Alone) let believers put their trust.”

Noble Qur’an (3:159-160)

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