A well dressed and beautiful lady received the ringing phone on reception asking for a connection to her boss. She listened to the speaker for a while and then said “ Boss is in meeting now, please call later “. Then she again got quiet to listen to the caller, and said “ I am telling you , I can not connect the call to sir, he is in meeting , you can call some time later “. Caller again said some thing, may be requested to talk to the officer who was busy in meeting, but the receptionist lady insisted on calling later and repeated same answer. At last she dropped the call annoyingly.

Allah a great Personality:

Observing this conversation from a seat nearby, a new door of compassion and greatness of ALLAH subhana hu wa tala opened to me. ALLAH is such a great personality. ALLAH who controls thousands of galaxies, provides food to millions of living beings, dealing all the endless matters of this world , is never ever busy when ever I call on HIM. At day, at lunch time, at evening, at mid night, any time, any part of day , in any circumstances , at any place ! HE responds to me, he never tells me to go away and come some other time when HE is free.

Allah is always there:

If one wishes to get some thing, or wants to repent, wants to meet him , talk to Him, to the lord of lord,  the king of kings, he never needs to get an appointment from His secretary first. You do not have to sit in a waiting room to get your turn to meet ALLAH. Even being a MIGHTY personality, ALLAH is always available to you. You do not need to be on hold on call when you call ALLAH. His number never gets busy. Connection to ALLAH is so easy and affirm that HIS number never gets busy, HIS cell never gets off , its never on silent that you are calling and calling and HE is unresponsive because HE did not know you were calling.

HE listens, HE listens each and every time you call Him. And not just listens, HE responds, responds on the best time. Its fault in us, we do not know how to decode his reply, how to interpret his answer. Their is never delay in His response, it’s we , the human being , who are unable to respond HIM. That is why, HE does things in such an unpredictable and un challenge able manners .so that we can notice and admire His greatness. And move towards Him. Happiness and sorrows, blessings and punishments both are call from ALLAH. To make him aware of HIS presence , to make him to return towards his Lord.

But we, human beings are verily in disaster and loss.

“ By Al-‘Asr (the time). Verily! Man is in loss “

We run after these worldly temporary powers, neglecting the eternal power. We are happy spending time in waiting rooms to meet ministers and politicians. But praying for 10 minutes is hard for us. We like to hold on call for a long time to talk to any official , but connection to ALLAH is not bearable to us.

Such a connection which has no charges, for which we don’t have to pay.  Connection to ALLAH is such a connection , which never drops, never gets disconnected , never gets on hold. You don’t have to charge your battery to make a call to ALLAH. So what are you waiting for ??? why so much delay in connecting to ALLAH ???

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7 Responses to Connection To ALLAH

  1. mujtaba says:

    pleasse remove ‘HE’ and type ALLAH subhanuhu wa ta’la , as we dont have the rights to assume the gender of almighty, and assuming is a crime!!!

  2. Amna Farooq says:

    AOA… thanks for your correction brother.
    but over here, objective of using HE is not to assume gender ( May ALLAH guide us to right path ) , but to just point towards ALLAH subhana hu wa tala using an abstract noun, and generally, where sex is not confirmed , ‘he is used as an abstract noun… havn’t you ever noticed ?
    but to keep a discrimination between the use of ” he’ for ALLAH and a person, ‘he’ is always written with a capital H ‘ He ‘ or ‘HE’….. you can observe it in this text, where ever its written, its written in caps 🙂
    i hope its clarified ! 🙂
    and if you have an authentic source for you argument, do let us know, we would change our text 🙂
    keep visiting our blog .

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