Hajj is now over, and the pilgrims are now returning to their home and family with the heart full of faith and love of Allah. Hajj is the biggest responsibility for a Muslim and now when all the pilgrims are done with this responsibility by the grace of Allah; they might be thinking that what’s next?? What are their responsibilities now as a ‘Hajji’? How should they maintain their pure soul How should they keep themselves away from sins? How should they behave in their personal lives? What should be the perfect lifestyle after pilgrimage?
Here are some tips for all the pilgrims which will help them to maintain a pure, pious soul which they gained after Hajj as pilgrimage.

Repentance- They key to keep a pure Soul:

It was easy to keep yourself away from sins in the holy internment of Makkah and Madinah. But when to get back to routine, Shaytan will try to convince yourself to commit Sins.If you get caught by him, just Remember, Allah loves those who repent of their sins. pilgrimage

Be consistent in your deeds:

No matter if they are few; but try to be consistent in your good deeds. As per a hadith Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) said:
“The most beloved of deeds to Allah are those that are most consistent, even if it is small”. [Collected by Bukhari and Muslim].
Either its Tahajud(midnight prayer), Nawafil, Zakah, or any other way of Ibadah; just try to be consistent in your routine so that you can follow it the long way ahead to your life InshaAllah.

Live Sunnah as your lifestyle:

Wondering what lifestyle you should follow now to maintain the health habits as a Muslim? Easy! just follow Sunnah with pure intention. Quran and Sunnah have complete map for all the paths we have to through our life. So stay tuned to Quran and Sunnah in every matter of your life.

Discuss your Hajj Experience:

Discuss your Hajj experiences and memories often with others to keep your Hajj spirit ON. Much you recall those beautiful moments; more it will inspire you to stick to that pure soul you gained during Hajj.

Remember the lesson of Sacrifice:

The biggest lesson of Hajj; sacrifice in the way of Allah whenever and wherever required, no matter how much dear to you the thing is.As long as you practice sacrifice for Allah, you will be practicing your Hajj lesson.
We hope these tips will help all of you with continuing your life after Hajj. We welcome your comments and responses. Share your Hajj experience as pilgrimage with us as well.
JazakAllah Khairun!!!

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