1. some times in our life we face many difficulties. Allah says in the Quran:
“Surely with every difficulty there is relief.
Surely with every difficulty there is relief.”
Al- Quran [Shrah, 94 ayah (5-6)]

2. Allah will not afflict anyone more than what he can bear.
“Allah does not burden any human being
with more than he can bear.”
[al-Baqarah, 2 ayah(286)]

3. If Allah tests any one in difficulty then he gives him more reward too. Allah says:
“Those who endure with patience will be
rewarded without measure.”
[az-Zumar – 39 ayah(10)]

4. Allah will ease the difficulty of those who follow Him. As is said in the Quran:
“Indeed Allah has purchased from the believers their persons and
their wealth and in return has promised them paradise;
they fight in the cause of Allah and slay and are slain.
This is a true promise which is binding on Him mentioned in
Torah, the Gospel and the Qur’an;
and who is more true in fulfilling his promise than Allah?
Rejoice, therefore, in the bargain which you have made,
and that is a mighty achievement.
[at-Taubah 9 ayah(111)]

5. No one can relieve the calamity of a person except Allah:
“If Allah afflicts you with a calamity, none can remove it but He;
and if He intends to bestow a favour, none can withhold His
bounty.He bestows it on whomsoever of His
servants He pleases; He is the Forgiving, the Merciful.”
[Yunus, 10 ayah (107)]


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