It was last quarter of night and the cold was bone shattering. It was raining like its never going to rain again. This heavy rain was making it trouble some to drive. I was actually out of town for a business tour and was now driving home in such a stormy night. I had turned on the heater in car, still it was unable to reduce the cold and i was almost shivering. At that time, i had only one wish “to reach home and get into my cozy bed”. Blanket and bed were the biggest blessing for me.

Since it was raining so heavily, streets and roads were completely empty of sign of any living thing. Not even a single stray dog or cat. Every one was under the blanket inside their warm home with doors and windows closed.
In all these thoughts, i turned my car in a street. Just as i took the turn, my head lights bathed a person moving swiftly in rain. To save him self from rainy storm, that person was stretching a plastic rain coat over his head.

To Help Someone:

He was moving swiftly but care fully in the street, trying to save him self from the rain and mud. I was too amazed to see a person walking in street at 4 am in such a stormy and cold night. “May be some sort of need or emergency drove home out of home”, i thought. Soon after this thought, i decided to help him. I stopped my car when i reached near him and lowered the window to have a conversation with him.
“Assalam-o-alikum brother ! where are you heading in this rain? i can drop you.”

He politely rejected my offer, saying that ” Thank you brother, but i am not going much far. my destination is near by, i can easily walk to there.”

I questioned again in amazement” Where are you going ?”And again i got a confident reply,” MOSQUE“.
Well this reply was even more shocking,” What do you have to do in mosque at this time that can not be done in day, when weather will be better?”

There came reply which was the heaviest answer of the night” I am Moazzin of the near by mosque. Its almost fajar and i am heading to mosque to call adhan for fajar“. Saying this he moved on to his way, since he was getting late from calling adhan, but he left me in a deep thought that he is moazzin.

Call to Adhan:

How many of us are willing to go to mosque to call adhan at this time in such bad weather conditions?
Who gets up in cold chilly morning before every one ? And leaves his warm bed to walk in foggy streets towards mosque, EVEN BEFORE the muslims who attend fajar with congregation.

There are lot of questions in my mind.
Who tells us that ” Salaah is better then sleep !
Who announces that “Come towards Salah” !
Who calls us “come towards success” !
and he is so much assure of this success that nothing can demotivate him from fulfilling his duty, nor cold neither rain or storm when all others are in deep slumber in warm beds. His faith on reward is strong enough to wake him up right before fajar and lead his feet towards mosque. Such is the passion of the Moazzin!
That moment i realized our ummah is upheld by such motivated souls. though very few in number but they are carrying a heavy responsibility.
I wanted to step out of my car and salute him, but he was gone. He was getting late from his precious duty. Soon after when voice of ” ALLAH HU AKBAR ! ALLAH HU AKBAR” raised in air, my feet raised towards mosque.
Today it was feeling good to walk in rain towards mosque, that Moazzin gave me an inspiration no one else could have given!

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