I was fortunate enough to get my religious education right from my home. I remember every day we had to wake up early in the morning and recite quran before we prepared for school. My father used to teach us Quran recitation since he was a hafiz and a great Qaari. And then every night on the bed, We had our “dua memorization time”. Our mother used to memorize us all the little duas of day and night, and we had to revise them all before going to sleep. My sister always had better dua memorization skills then me and i always had to work hard for dua memorization.

Teach Kids about Islam:

Sadly our kids are not fortunate enough. We do not have much time to teach islam to our kids. Every one is busy earning bread for their kids to provide them “Good Future” while no one is thinks that their spiritual grooming will also play a crucial part in “Good Future”.

In this world of tough competition every one has to work hard for survival and there is less time for spiritual grooming, i understand. But do not leave their Islamic grooming neglected if you can not teach them by your self. Like you send them to school since you can not teach them science or history, do arrange some one to teach your kids Islam, if you can not teach them by your self. Just do not let them unattended in this matter. To lighten up your job, we can share your burden. We offer Dua memorization course for kids and adults too. Along with our Dua memorization course, you can follow these tips too:

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Dua memorization course for children


  1. You can set up a dua memorization time for your kids. It could be any time of the day.For example before going to bed, it would be a good habit if kids revise all the duas they already know.
  2. While driving to school, instead of playing some thing on CD player, or just having a random chat, utilize this time. Tell your kids to recite duas aloud.
  3. Every time you make them revise dua, at the end give them a lesson of new dua.
  4. Tell them to repeat the new lesson at least 10 times.
  5. Do not move to next lesson until you are sure that your kid has memorized the previous one properly.
  6. Daily revision of previously memorized duas ,before going to new lesson, will help you or your child to memorize these duas for a much longer time.

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Revision is key to Remember:

Its a scientific fact, the more you repeat any thing, event or memory in your mind, the stronger are connections of neurons and consequently you are able to remember that thing for a much longer time. So revision is the key to memorize ant thing for longer time. More over, teaching duas or surah’s of Quran to your child in an early option is the best option. Why? because, as a children have much more capacity to absorb and memorize as compared to an adult. Reason is simple, which one is easy to write upon ?a paper which has been reused to write again and again by erasing previous text or the one which is clear white or is less text and has lots of space to adjust new text !
Do not waste time, this is the right age your child can memorize duas. These small duas and recitation habits will be the foundation of islamic grooming of your child. An other important thing, its not just about memorization, you must develop habit of reciting these duas at proper time and teach your children too. Remind them to recite dua when ever they start eating some thing or wake up or go to washroom etc.
May ALLAH bless our children and make us the best mothers who get reward of raising the best ummah. ameen.

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