It’s sad to say that there is a general trend of “pessimism “in us. I am not saying because we are muslims, but as a human being , we all look at negative side at first. May be that is the reason behind ,whenever we want to advice any one about deen, or telling someone about any of his/ her short coming, or telling someone to correct his/her action related to religion, we tell them to be afraid of ALLAH. “Hey ! you do not pray 5 times a day ? You know what’s penalty for not praying? One is burned in hell fire” , “oh you ! how bad of you, if you do so and so, ALLAH will be so angry with you” , “ if someone commits such and such sin, he would be burned in hell fire, boiled in hot water”,” ALLAH has mentioned in Quran, He extremely dislikes such and such acts”.

Allah Loves You

We never bother to mention what ALLAH rewards for if we pray 5 times a day ! what ALLAH subaha nah u wa tala likes ? what are chances of forgiveness if someone commits such and such sins ! what rewards one gets if he seeks apology from ALLAH subhaha nah u wa tala after committing sin. May be its embedded in our minds that fear of punishment is greater than temptation of reward! that is why we always try to frighten the other person rather than highlighting the positive and fruitful aspects.

This attitude is not as dangerous in case of adults as in case of kids. As adults have much developed thinking capabilities and much wider sources of inputs. Whereas in case of children , you being a parent serve the important most source of input, and sometimes the only source of input. They have blank innocent minds. They would cherish same thoughts you inculcate in them. It’s a scientific fact, if you scare your child from anything, continuously, he would get this fear fixed in his mind. Be very care full in case of your deen, you are going to put foundation of his thoughts about ALLAH and Islam.

Teach your Child with Positive thoughts first:

  1. Don’t tell your kids how Allah punishes sinners ..
  2. Tell them how Allah forgives them .. Instead of making your kids fear Allah teach them to LOVE Him.
  3. Teach them different names of Allah, before telling them ALLAH is Al Jabbar , tell them that He is Ar Rahman, As Saboor, Al Gaffaar, Al Wadood, Al Mu’eez..
  4. He is very “patient” with your sins ……. gives u million chances to repent instead of punishing you directly.
  5. He is “merciful” He blesses even a disbeliever even after he disbelieved…..
  6. Allah is so “Forgiving” that He forgives even the biggest sins and makes you so pure that u will forget that you were dirty once..
  7. Educate them that He is so “loving” He will always bless you and forgive you every time you repent no matter how many times u go back to that sin, u repent.
  8. He forgives! He “Honors” you by hiding your sins by giving it a beautiful appearance that make people still love you.
  9. ALLAH loves you more than your mother loves you, His love equates love of 70 mothers.
  10. Describe them about jannah, before you introduce Jahannum to them.
  11. Every blessing they have is given by ALLAH subhana hua wa taal, because He cares for them too much.

Keep in mind ! your positive feed would make your child to think on line of love with ALLAH. He would follow the deen of nature, not because of fear of jahaanum or any other punishment, but for sake of love of ALLAH. He wouldn’t find practicing deen a burden, but it would be source of pleasure and satisfaction for him. Do this favor to your child! Trust me, love works wonder fear doesn’t!

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10 Responses to Tell Your Child ALLAH Is Love

  1. muniira says:

    this is wonderful info. may Allah reward you abundantly 4 it

  2. Amna Farooq says:

    JAZAKALLAH for appreciation, keep visiting our blog.

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  4. fAtemeh says:

    Hello.I live in IRAN an islamic country .I am muslim.I love my ALLAH.I am very happy that there is a very good site like your site.good bye

  5. fAtemeh says:

    Hello.I am a girl that i live in muslim.i have very happy life.i am very happy becaus i have islam.every things that you write in itis page are very good

  6. zinia says:

    very thoughtful indeed.

  7. Amna Farooq says:

    @zinia 🙂
    JAZAKALLAH sister 🙂 do spread this message and keep visiting our website 🙂

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  9. Mehwish says:

    To who it may Concern:

    Mashallah very wise words, especially when you have kids. I wanted to know the ruling of placing Allah (SWT). Right know I tell my 2½ year old boy, that Allah (swt) is up (and point my finger towards the sky)… Is this allowed? Someone told me, I am making sin in telling my boy this nonsense, because Allah is everywhere…In trees, flowers etc.

    Please can you put some light on this? Jazakallah,

  10. Amna Farooq says:

    JAZAKALLAH for your appreciation !
    let me clear you one thing, we over here are not scholars 🙂 so giving any opinion in such a regard would not be appropriate.
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