Rasul Allah (sal Allahu alaihi wasallam) said:

“He who stirs enmity among people, by quoting their words to each other, will not enter Paradise.” [Bukhari]

Unfortunately, this is a common social evil these days. Rather than mend relations among people, Shaytaan has us excited about carrying tales to each other.

“You won’t believe what he did!…Can you imagine what she said? OMG just look , how innocent she/he looks by face but in actual what he/she did ! …”

Say No to backbiting:

Refuse to listen to what other people have said or done. It is backbiting, just to hear it. If what we are being told about is not true, it is an even bigger sin, both for the person telling it and the person listening to it. Even if we make up our selves not to believe on what we heard, still a slightest of shadow of that thing is in our heart. The very next time if that person commits something similar to what you heard.You would definitely have a flash back of what you heard (although not believed).

learn_Quran, Quran_courses_online, learn_tajwid, learn_tajweed, new_muslimTo Tattle Tale Is An Enormity

For example, if your friend tells you that a class fellow of yours named sarah , had stolen something of an other class fellow back in past some time. And after hearing the whole story from your friend, when you return to your classroom , you find a precious pen of yours missing. What would be the first thought coming in your mind? “sarah might have stolen it? “. May be you have been so kind to not to believe in whatever she said about sarah, may you just heard it not believed, still the first name clicking in your mind would be “sarah”.

Don’t Believe things you hear:

If we tell ourselves not to believe everything we hear, our heart will nevertheless be tainted by it. That is why the Prophet (sallallahu alaihi wa sallam) told his companions not to say things about each other to him. since he didn’t want to meet them with disquiet in his heart. If Rasul Allah’s feelings for people had the possibility of getting soured by hearing tales about them. despite his being rehmat-ul-lil-alameen, then we are certainly not above being corrupted by listening to tales.

backbiting is haraam

Two Faced People:

The people who carry tales from one person to another, do it in the guise of well wishers. First they sympathize with one party. Then they take what they have gleaned to other people and sow discord, ruining relations between people, by repeating things. A person who behaves in such a manner is being two faced.To Tattle Tale Is An Enormity

Rasul Allah (sal Allahu alaihi wasallam) said:

“You find that among the worst people is someone who is two-faced, showing one face to some and another face to others.” [Bukhari]

Beauty of islam is , that it grabs the sin from its roots. Instead of presenting a remedy after sin has been committed islam believes in elimination of the evil from the very first point of its origination. For example, backbiting and backstabbing can result into a lot of serious problems like hatred in society, personal image and reputation of a person is destroyed. May be a husband is so short tempered he would divorce her wife on hearing something bad about her. So breakup in husband wife, whole family system is distorted.

Islamic Teachings:

What islam is doing?.At the very first step , is saying to stop talking foul about some one other . if you have a story, you have heard anything and its true. You are not going to pass it on to any one. Even if you have seen it by your self, Islam recommends you to hide the sin of that person. Now if you haven’t told anyone, you haven’t back bitten, the next level is to not even hear any such thing. Shut your ears against any tale you hear, which is against any body. Don’t be part of such discussions.

And if you had a chance to hear some thing, don’t believe it until you get some solid facts. Never listen to rumors. Don’t contribute towards spreading that rumor. Even if the story or news is true, just restrict it to your self and pray to ALLAH for hidayaah of that person.To Tattle Tale Is An Enormity

May ALLAH subahana hu wa taala save us from being back biters, and from tattling tales. May He hide our sins from others and let us to cover the sins of others too.

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  1. Isti'adha says:

    I am currently dealing with a tattle teller. Their words are so fault finding while being said to others. A tattle teller such as that is also a backbiter. I just want to know if Im backbiting in return. If I by myself say that person is a tattle teller is that ok? Or if I by myself say that person is of the wrong doers which the Qur’an mentions is that ok? Or if I indirectly say something critical which also refers to the person in mind is that ok? Please let me know. Thanks.

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