Who was Alqamah?

About 1400 years ago at the time of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) there was a man named alqamah. He was very regular in obeying ALLAH, used to spend his time in charity, in fasting and in praying. One day he suddenly fell ill, his wife approached Prophet (PBUH) and told him that my husband is very ill and is on his deathbed, I came here to inform you about his condition.

Prophet (PBUH) sent his companions ammar ibn yasir, Bilal ibn rabah and shuaib and advised them to go to alqamah and to pronounce him the sahadah. They went to alqamah and found him in pain of death. They asked alqamah to say “La illaha illa Allah,” but his tongue was unable to pronounce “shahada”. They went to prophet (pbuh) and informed about the whole situation that alqamah is unable to pronounce shahada.

The Prophet (PBUH) asked, “Is either of his parents alive?”

They told the Prophet (PBUH) that his mother is alive but she is very old.

The Prophet (PBUH) asked to send her message that if it is easy for her to come then she should come to him and if she is not able to come then she should stay in her house and messenger of ALLAH would come to her.

Messenger of Prophet (PBUH) approached the old lady and informed her about the message of Prophet (PBUH) . After hearing prophet’s message she said that my life be a ransom for him, it is my pleasure to go to Prophet (PBUH) .

She went to Prophet (PBUH)  and greeted him, prophet (pbuh) exchanged greeting to her and asked that umm alqamah, tell me the truth that what is situation concerning your son, otherwise ALLAH almighty will reveal the truth to me.

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She replied that dear Prophet (PBUH) my son is very regular in praying and fond of spending money in charity.

Prophet asked her “what about youself”

She replied: “I am angry with him”

Prophet (PBUH) asked her “why”?

She said that he has prioritized her wife to me and has disobeyed me.

Prophet (PBUH) told her, “Umm Alqamah, your anger has stopped his tongue from pronouncing the Shahadah.”

The Prophet (PBUH)  moved towards Bilal ibn Rabah and asked him to go out and collect a quantity of firewood.

She said, “Prophet (PBUH), what you are going to do with firewood’s?” The Prophet (PBUH) replied, I will burn alqamah in front of your eyes.

She said, Prophet (PBUH) , he is my son! My heart cannot bear your burning him in front of me!”

The Prophet (PBUH) ) said, “Umm Alqamah, punishment of ALLAH is much harder! If you want Allah to forgive your son, be reconciled to him. Fasting, praying, and spending money in charity (which he has done) are of no benefit to Alqamah as long as you are not pleased with him!”

She said, “Prophet (PBUH) ), I call upon Allah Almighty and His angels and the Muslims who are present here to be my witnesses that I am happy and pleased with my son Alqamah.”

Then Prophet (PBUH) advised Bilal, to go to him and see whether he is now able to pronounce “shahada” or not.  May be that Umm Alqamah is saying this in front of me which is not in her heart.”

Bilal ibn Rabah went to alqamah, and while entering the door he heard Alqamah pronouncing, “La illaha illa Allah.”

Bilal ibn Rabah remarked, “It is surely true that while Alqamah’s mother was angry with alqamah his tongue was tied, and now that she is pleased and happy with him his tongue is freed.”

Alqamah died the same day. The prophet (pbuh) came and ordered for his washing and shrouding, and then prayed the funeral prayer and buried him.

The Prophet (PBUH) then stood by the side of grave and said,

“You company of Muhajirun (Emigrants) and Ansar (Helpers), if anyone favors his wife over his mother, Allah and His angels and all the people curse him! Allah does not accept his spending (in charity) and his uprightness unless he repents toward Allah, the Glorious and Majestic, and reconciles with her and attains her pleasure, because Allah’s pleasure consists in her pleasure and Allah’s anger consists in her anger.”

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