What is Lunar Eclipse:

Lunar Eclipse is a natural phenomenon observed several times a year. Due to different speeds and circular orbits of earth and moon. The planet earth sometimes blocks the sun radiations falling on the moon, making unusually dark- Th Luna Eclipse. However, it is until recently that science has discovered the actual reason of lunar eclipse. Before that, different cultures had different mythical beliefs and rituals associated with the lunar eclipse. However, Islam debunked the myths and superstitions related to lunar and solar eclipse. As the task of a religion or a deen is not to describe scientific phenomena, Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w) advised Muslims to offer Salaat ul khusuf at the lunar eclipse. Method of Salaat ul Khusuf will be explained later in this article.

Primitive beliefs associated with Lunar Eclipse:

Lunar Eclipse is a usual event, especially the changed red color of the moon during the lunar eclipse has always caught the attention of humankind. As a result, there have been different believes associated with lunar eclipse during different times. For example, Egyptians considered lunar eclipse as the moon eaten by a sow. Mesopotamians thought that moon is under attack of demons and to repel the demons, they used to throw stones at the planet. Some Chinese tribes believed that a dragon is biting moon and they rang bells to prevent the dragon from doing so.
Similarly, Arabs also had many superstitions associated to the lunar eclipse. They thought that the moon and sun mourn the death of a person, and thus they turn red and lose their natural shine.

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Prophet Muhammad’s teachings regarding Lunar Eclipse:

It is reported that Prophet Muhammad’s (s.a.w) beloved son Ibrahim died. As a parent, Prophet Muhammad was in grief. Coincidentally, a solar eclipse occurred. People started associating the eclipse with the demise of the son of Prophet Muhammad. To that, Prophet Muhammad cleared that solar or lunar eclipse has nothing to do with the death of anybody.

Hazrat Ayesha (R.A) reports that when it was the lunar or solar eclipse, Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W) used to lead the Salaat ul khusuf of people. When He stood in Qayaam, he stood for a long time, and when one bent for Ruqu, he remained in Ruqu for a long time. Then he raised again for Qayaam; he held for less time than before. Then he bent over for Ruqu, and it was shorter than the previous Ruku. Then he prostrated and prostrated for a long time. He repeated the same in second Rakaah. And when He finished salaah, the eclipse was over (Solar in this case).

Sermon of Prophet Muhammad(SAW):

Then Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w) gave the sermon, in which he praised Allah subhana hu was tala and then explained :

“The sun and the moon are the two signs of Allah; they are not eclipsed on account of anyone’s death or on account of anyone’s birth. So when you see them, glorify and supplicate Allah, observe the Prayer, give alms. O Ummah of Muhammad! None is more indignant than Allah, when His servant or maid commits fornication. O people of Muhammad, by Allah, if you knew what I know, you would weep much and laugh little. O Allah, witness, I informed them.”

May ALLAH grant us Hidayah to follow the footsteps of Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w). Do share this information with others, since the longest lunar eclipse of the century is taking place right now. It is the high time that we consumed our time in Salaat ul khusuf and Zikar.

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