Ramadan is a blessed month for Muslims. Each Islamic month is appointed a title and holds great importance. The month of Ramadan is labeled, “the month of the people or believers,” as it is a month in which the believers benefit from the most. Some may consider fasting to be a burden, while it is a form of mercy from Allah (SWT). It is said that the more filled your stomach is, the lazier you become, and who would want to perform Ibadah when feeling lazy? Qaeda fasts

One of the many reasons Allah has commanded us to fast in the month of Ramadan is to maximize our Ibadah and gain special mercy from Him. If you believe fasting is forced upon you, then look at it in this way. Allah gives us quite a lot of freedom in the other months and lets us choose whether we’d like to perform Ibadah or not, but in Ramadan, He has made it wajib for the believers to benefit from this Holy month. Fasting, just like every other action, does not

benefit Allah in any way, it is us who would benefit from fasting. During Ramadan, many Islamic actions have the higher value than if it were performed in any other month. In fact, the night of Qadr was when the Holy Qur’an was revealed to the holy prophet (PBUH), and on that day, Allah has given us the opportunity to alter our destiny, either positively or negatively, depending on our past years’ actions and Ibadah. Qadha fasts

What to do when you miss Fast in Ramadhan?? Qaeda fasts

With such high importance given to this month, Allah not only makes it wajib on the believers to fast but to also make up for their missed fasts, if any. If one misses any of the fasts in the month of Ramadan, then it is obligatory for him/her to fulfill those fasts after Ramadan. If one or more fasts are missed without a having a valid excuse for it, then it would be necessary for that person to face its penalties (Kaffara). The penalty he/she would have to could be either freeing a slave, fasting for two months (of which 31 days should be consecutive) or feeding sixty people or giving 750 grams of wheat, barley, and other foods in its category, to each of them. Qada fasts

Finding and freeing a slave is not so applicable in today’s day and age so the second or third penalty would be performed instead. “It is not necessary that the Qaeda’ of the fast be implemented immediately, but according to Ihtiyat Wajib, it must not be delayed until the next Ramadan.” Because Kaffara is usually given when one has a few fasts to make up and doesn’t make it up till after a year, it is thought that for every year, the Kaffara would be doubled. This is a misconception. The Kaffara is only applied once, and nothing more is added, even if it is not performed in a few years. If one missed a couple of fasts in the month of Ramadan because of sickness, and if that illness continued till the next Ramadan, then that person doesn’t have to perform its Qaeda but must give 750 grams of food to the poor. If the ruling of shortening one’s Salaah applies during salaah, then along with this decision, fasting is also prohibited, but it must be fulfilled later on. One must be grateful for such decisions, as it shows how much Allah wants us to benefit from the medical and spiritual benefits of fasting.

And Allah knows the best!

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