Quran reading in daily life makes my day. Since last night my young son has been unwell. When I got back from Work this evening I decided to take him to the hospital despite my exhaustion. There was much waiting; perhaps we will be delayed by more than an hour. I took my number and sat down in the waiting room. There were many faces, young and old, but all silent. Some brothers made use of the many booklets available in the waiting room. Some of those waiting had their eyes closed, while others were looking around. Most were bored. Once in a while, the long silence was broken by a nurse calling out a number.

Reading the Quran:

Happiness appears on the one whose turn it is, and he gets up quickly; then silence returns. A young man grabbed my attention. He was reading the Quran a pocket-sized Qur`an continuously; not raising his head even once. At first, I did not think much about him. However, after one hour of waiting for my casual glances turned into a deep reflection about his lifestyle and how he utilizes his time. One hour of life wasted! Instead of making the benefit of that hour, it was just a boring wait. Then the call for prayer was made. We went to prayer in the hospital’s Masjid.

I tried to pray close to the man who was reading the Quran earlier in the waiting room. After the prayer, I walked with him. I informed him of how impressed I was of him and how he tries to benefit from his time. According to him most of our time is wasted without any benefit.

Get Benefit of Spare Time in Quran Reading:

These are days that go from our lives without being conscious of them or regretting their waste. He said that he started carrying the pocket-sized AlQuran around when a friend encouraged him to make full use of his time by reading the Quran. He told me that in the time other people waste he gets to read much more of the Qur`an than he gets to read either at home or in the masjid. Moreover, besides the reward of reading the Quran, this habit saves him from boredom and stress. He added that he has now been waiting for one and a half hours. Then he asked, when will you find one and a half hours to read the Qur`an? I reflected; How much time do we waste? How many moments of our lives pass by, and yet we do not account for how they passed by? Indeed, how many months pass by and we do not read the Qur`an?

I came to respect my companion, and I discovered that I am to stand for an account and that time is not in my hand; so what am I waiting for? My thoughts were interrupted by the nurse calling out my number; I went to the doctor. But I want to achieve something now.

After I left the hospital I quickly went to the bookshop and bought a pocket-sized Qur`an. I decided to be mindful of how I spend the time. If this information is beneficial to you, then please do forward it to your friends and relatives.

Source: http://trueislamicstories.blogspot.com/

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5 Responses to Reading Holy Qur’an in Spare Time

  1. Salihu says:

    Well, it is a nice idea in order to utilize the limited time. But, is every environment suit for such act of reading the glorious QUR’AN? Because that hospital environment was quiet and clean.

  2. AyeshaRama says:

    About other environments we can give it a try. Mostly we go to places where we can Read Quran like when we go to parks, Hospitals, in train or bus, stuck in traffic. By having Qur’an every time with us; will remind us that we have to Read it.
    And the places where we can’t Read Quran, We can do Dhikr. like when waiting for the bus to arrive, while driving, while shopping etc.

  3. JESUS IS A MUSLIM says:

    عسلمعليكم brothers and sisters in اسلام! each day of our lives we are faced with challenges. challenges of choosing between allah and his messenger or chooshin the worldly life and following our lust (desires) that may lead us astray! but that with allah is the best for us. let’s boycott the issue of valentine since we know that it’s harram in islam. may allah increase us in knowledge, wisdom , understanding and make us the dwellers of paradise

  4. AyeshaRama says:


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