Tajweed Quran means improving the manner in which the Quran is read. Learning Quran with Tajweed is important for every Muslim as it beautifies the manner in which the Quran is recited. At Alquranclasses, our online Tajweed tutors teach Quran with proper knowledge of Arabic letters, Tajweed rules and the importance of different kinds of pauses used in the recitation of Holy Quran. So, by joining our one can learn how to read Quran with the Tajweed in the proper manner with correct phonetic sounds. After attending our online Tajweed classes, women and girls may be able to pronounce or recite each Arabic letter correctly with its attributes such as prolongation (Madd), conversion (Iqlab), pause (Waqaf), merging (Idgham) etc.

Quran Tajweed Tutors:

At Alquranclasses we provide free trial Holy Quran Tajweed classes. Our expert online Tajweed tutors have full authority on all the principles of Tajweed. Our Holy Quran tutors are fully aware of the fact that a minor mistake in the pronunciation of Holy Quran can change the meaning and they apply their best skills to teach Quran with Tajweed in proper manner. We focus on teaching Holy Quran with Tajweed to women and girls of all age. No matter what your age is; the thing that matters only is your motivation and eagerness to learn Holy Quran with Tajweed.

If you want to read Holy Quran with Tajweed or learn Quran with Tajweed or do Quran recitation with Tajweed, then for online learn Holy Quran Tajweed course today. You can learn Tajweed at home with comfort. We give time saving opportunity to all. No need to go to Mosque for daily learning of Tajweed of Quran. We have made learning Quran with Tajweed convenient, easy and affordable for you. Our for Quran reading with Tajweed are the most affordable ones. We also provide free online Quran Tajweed classes for 3 days.

How Learn Holy Quran Tajweed online works?

At Alquranclasses we provide you with the most natural way to recite the  Tajweed Quran online. But you need a PC with internet connection, Headset, and Microphone. Our Holy Quran teachers teach on one to one basis, i.e. you will have a Tajweed teacher exclusively for you. Because We use the latest multimedia technologies and software for communication and advanced Quran teaching methods and techniques. We provide the perfect way for learning the Holy Quran with Tajweed.

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