In the fast moving life and with every passing day, problems, confusions and corruption never seem to halt.  To find peace in life people turn to every other source except for the Quran, while the Quran says ‘Verily through the remembrance of Allah do the hearts find comfort’ no doubt that the quran IS the remembrance of Allah

When I recite the Quran all my jumbled thoughts get straight, I feel like Quran is talking to me about me providing me with solutions. Quran brings to light my sate of heart and guides me as to how I can become a better person. It shows me the keys to success and eternal happiness.

Quran is reveled for humanity, so how can we abandon it and not face difficulties? Every problem that the world is facing today is because of our own doing. Quran has the solution to our entire problem only if we take time to understand this book, which is a mercy form our lord. Quran is what we need, it is what we should seek, mercy from Allah and a reminder for mankind to find their way to the straight path and to bring them from darkness into light.


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