99 Names of Allah Are Beautiful Along With Their Meanings.

We as Muslims believe that the names of Allah have so many benefits for us. Muslims recite the names of Allah daily on their Salaah for protection, good health, comfort,  wealth, etc. Here are some names of Allah and their benefits:

1) Ar-Rehman (The merciful):

One who recites this name 100 times on every Salaah will get sharp money.

2) Al-Malik (The Sovereign):

This is the second name among the beautiful 99 names of ALLAH. One who recites this name frequently will be respected and treated accordingly by others.

3) Al-Aliyyo (The Highest):

One who recites these names of Allah abundantly helps in destiny and in Traveling.

4) Al-Khaaliq (The Creator):

One who recites this name 100 times for 7 days will protect you from any adversities.

5) Al-Awwal (The First):

Recitation of these names of Allah, 1000 times for 40 Fridays will help in getting a child.

6) Al-Baatin (The Hidden):

One who recites this name of Allah three times in a day will be able to see the truth in things.

7) Al-Badi (The Incomparable):

One who recites this name of Allah 70 times will be free from all troubles.

8) Al-Ghaffar (The Forgiver):

One who recites this name 100 times after Jumma Salaah (prayer), you will soon begin to perceive Allah’s forgiveness.

9) Ar-Razzaq (The Provider):

One who recites this names of Allah before Fajr Salaah (prayer), if you blow in all four corners of your house beginning from the right-hand corner while facing Qiblah, after reciting this names of Allah 10 times in each corner, Allah will open the doors of rizq (sustenance) for you; sickness and poverty will never enter your home. Insha-Allah.

10) Al-Fattah (The Opener):

One who recites this name of Allah will face the victory.

11) Al-Ghafur (The All Forgiving):

One who recites this name helps in healing from headache, Fever & depression. 

12) Al-Hadi(The Guide):

One who recites this name of Allah frequently will gain spiritual knowledge.

13) Al-Mu’iz (The Bestower of Honor):

One who recites this name of Allah 40 times after Maghrib Salaah (prayer) on every Monday and Friday, Allah will grant you honor and reverence. Insha-Allah. 

14)Al-Baseer (The All-Seeing):

One who recites this name of Allah 100 times after the Jumma Salaah (prayer) constantly, Allah will grant strength to your eye-sight and Noor (light) to your heart. Insha-Allah.

15) Al-Jaame (The Gatherer):

One who recites this name will find lost things.

16) Al-Waaris (The Supreme Inheritor):

One who recites this name of Allah will have a long life.

17) Al-Waalee (The Governor):

One who recites this name of Allah and breathes it into his house, his house will be free from danger.

18) Dhul-Jalali Wal-Ikraam (Majestic and Benevolent):

One who recites this name of Allah constantly, Allah will grant you honor, dignity, and self-sufficiency. Insha-Allah.

19) Al-Muqsit (The Just):

One who recites this name constantly, Allah will protect you from evil doubts created by the Shaytaan. If you recite this name of Allah 700 times for a purpose, Allah will fulfill it. Insha-Allah.

20) Al-Zul Jalal Wal Ikram (The Lord of Majesty and Bounty):

One who recites this name of Allah frequently will get good wealth.

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    It will be worth asking a scholar where you will get the authentic information.

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