Short Guide for Muslim Parents.

It’s a tremendous job to raise kids. Starting from manners to habits and behavior, a parent is responsible for everything about his child. However, this responsibility doubles when it comes to raising Muslim children. Sometimes, we become too protective of our children and try to provide them all sorts of comfort. However, there must be a distinction between what’s necessary and access. Extremes are always dangerous, and to raise our children as good Muslims we need to identify the modest path. Some mothers don’t like to teach their daughters how to cook or do house chores so that their beautiful girls don’t lose their elegance. Similarly, some fathers sower money on their children and never deny any of the material demands of children.

As Muslim parents, we must be vigilant in raising Muslim children. Sadly, the practice is contrary to what should be adopted. Some parents are become too strict, while some too careless about bringing up their children as Muslims. Keep in mind one thing, as a Muslim parent; you are going to contribute a person in society. Thus, as Muslim parents, our contribution to the community must be very positive. If they are not able to carry the burden of others, we must raise Muslim children to be self-dependent at least. In this article, we will be giving you some short tips on how to grow Islamic children to be independent. The tips inspired by the interview of Queen Rania of Jordan said when Oprah asked her how do you raise your children & they are royalty?

How to raise Muslim children to be self-dependent:

  • Tell your children to do their original stuff by themselves and be less dependent on servants and maids.
  • Children must clean and tidy up their rooms themselves.
  • Develop the habit of self-serving in your children. Getting one’s self a glass of water is not harmful even if there are plenty of servants at your home.
  • Fix a day, like the weekend, when your children must arrange their cupboard.
  • Try to organize the timings or occasions of receiving gifts. For example, your children must less expect any reward other than Eid days.
  • Boys are specially raised to be dependent on their mothers and sisters in Muslim households. This habit sometimes leads to stereotypical behavior that Muslim societies accused. Involve your boys in little house chores.
  • Relate examples and stories of Prophets and Sahaabas, how they managed their affairs all in a self-dependent manner.

Once Omar bin Al-Khattab (may Allah be pleased with him) was with his companions at night, a gust of wind came & blew out the lantern! So Omar bin Al-Khattab got up & re-lit the torch, his friends spoke:

If only you asked one of us, O’Amir of the believers,

He said:

What harm has this brought me? I got up & I am Omar,

I return & I am Omar.

It is indeed a herculean task to raise kids, primarily to raise Muslim children. However, we as Muslim parents must not give up our efforts in making our children perfect human beings and perfect Muslims.

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