Quran Teacher

Teachers at AlQuranclasses have been carefully selected and finely filtered so that only the best teachers are allowed to teach.


person Ustadha Aliaa Hussain

Ustadha Aliaa is another experienced and skilled member of AlQuran Classes faculty. She is a native Arabic speaker and an Arabic teacher from Egypt; she has a superb command over English and Arabic Language. She’s graduated from Faculty of Arabic and Islamic Studies, Al-Azhar University, Arabic Department. She has joined Al-Azhar institute in 1992 at the age of 6 years and she studied at Al- Azhar for 16 years, she started memorizing Qur’an at the age of 6 years old and she completed it at the age of 17 years old when she finished her High School at Al-Azhar Institute. This shows her brilliance.


During college period sister Aliaa studied basic Arabic with the focus on Arabic grammar, balaghah (rhetoric), Arabic literature (adab), poetry (she’r), and Islamic studies- Tafseer, Hadith, and Fiqh according to Al-Azhar’s system of the curriculum. In 2008 she had her Bachelors of the Arabic Language, from Faculty of Arabic and Islamic Studies, Al Azhar University, and then in 2009 she had The General Educational Diploma, from Faculty of Education, Alexandria University; and Insha Allah in 2012 she will finish her Scholarship at Amideast “English for Religious Purposes”. She worked as the teacher before in schools, but right now she’s teaching online Arabic, Tajweed, Islamic Studies, and Qur’an recitation to the non-Arabic speaker. She is an expert of Arabic Languages and believes that learning Arabic is the first step to learning Qur’an and all Islamic Concepts with a thorough understanding. She lives in Alexandria, Egypt where she spent her childhood.

personMuslima Efaza

Efaza is really a delight to have in AlQuran Classes faculty from Ontario , Canada. She holds an eighteen months diploma in Islamic studies from Islamic Institute Mississauga, Canada, with various subjects including Tajweed of the Holy Quran, Arabic grammar, Tafseer, Seerat, Iteba-e-Sunnah, Sahaba and much more. She has got excellent communication skills.She has fluency in speaking English, Arabic, Urdu and is currently enrolled in learning French as well. The clarity of her views and concepts makes it much easier for her to convey her knowledge to students. Her learning experience extends from children to teens and knows how to teach them in a manner that appeals to them.

personUstadh Esaam Gomha

Ustad Esaam gomha is a proficient and experienced member of AlQuran Classes faculty. His Teaching style, his communication skills and his fabulous flow of conveying knowledge makes the learning experience of students more pleasant. He has done Bachelors in Arabic and Islamic studies and the diploma in Arabic calligraphy. Currently, he is doing Masters Degree in Arabic literature and balaga. He has seven years experience as Tajweed, Quran, Arabic and Islamic studies teacher in an institute of Islamic studies in Alexandria (Egypt). Let’s have a glance on his expertise.
Ustad Esaam gomha was born in Saudia Arabia. His father taught him and made him memorized 20 Juzz from Al-Quran when he was eight years. After that, he moved to Egypt, and he studied in social work institute and had a Bachelor degree in social studies. He completed his Hifd-ul-Quran there and had an ijaza (sanad) asim.


His journey of knowledge doesn’t stop here. He studied in Institute of Islamic and Arabic Studies in Alexandria (Egypt) and worked there for 6 years as a teacher of Tajweed and Quran studies. During that period, he was enrolled in Al-Azhar Institute of Quraat (which is the particular institute of recitation and tajweed and quraat studies). He studied there for 4 years and had the certificate from alazhar university for quraat and took the ijaza for addition 3 quraat from the well-known shiekh of qiraat (Shiek Mohamed sukar). So, he has Ijaza for qurat (asim- alkisaai – nafia- half). After he finished his studies in Al-azhar, he joined the faculty of House of Knowledge (Dar-ul- oloom) where he studied Arabic grammar – literature-balaga- morfology-criticism of literature, tafseer, hadith, Islamic philosophy, aqida, saer, fiqh, Islamic history, Arabic editing & Arabic calligraphy. After the Graduation, he took a high diploma from the same college in Aqeeda and Islamic philosophy. And scholarship from U.S.A embassy for Arabic teachers and Imams , Muslims leaders. He is currently the head of religious studies in British-Egyptian School. Thus, he is famous amongst his field because of his vast knowledge and experience.

personUstadh Gomma Mehdi

Brother Gomaa Mahdi is a great combination of experience and dedication. His career spoke itself about his struggle and learning thirst. Just give it a view.
He has joined Azhar institute in 1981 at the age of 6 years and he studied at Al- Azhar for 17 years. During this period, brother Gomaa studied basic Arabic with the focus on Arabic grammar and balaghah (rhetoric) and Islamic sciences- Tafseer, Hadith, and Fiqh according to Al-Azhar’s system of the curriculum. During his study years at Al-Azhar, he memorized the Qur’an, with Tajweed and mastery under the guidance of his noble teachers at Al- Azahr institute. In 2005, brother Gomaa obtained a Bachelor’s Degree in Islamic Studies in English from Al- Azhar University.


Alongside with his academic studies, brother Gomaa Mahdi studied Traditional Islamic Sciences at the hands of other senior scholars and specialists in Egypt. He has also recited the Quran to the famous Qari of the Republic of Egypt, Shaykh Gamal Fayyad and he has the “Sanad” (Ijazah) -linked to the Prophet (sallallahu alayhi wasallam) in the narration of Hafs from Asim. He speaks Arabic and English fluently and has delivered numerous lectures in Quranic Sciences, Islamic studies and Arabic language in Egypt.
He also was a regular Khateeb (in Arabic) at a mosque in Alexandria, Egypt from 1999 till now. Since then, he is actively teaching and transferring the treasure of knowledge to his students. In 2006, brother Gomaa appointed as professional Imam at the Egyptian Ministry of Awqaf. Besides his work as Imam, brother Gomaa teaches Arabic, Quran, Tajweed, and Islamic Studies online for now- Arabs. He currently lives in Alexandria, Egypt where he has been an Imam for several mosques.

personHafiza Syeda Madiha Wilayat

Hafiza Syeda Madiha Wilayat is among our dedicated teachers from Pakistan. She has a command of English and Urdu language. She has Memorized Quran from one of the best institution of Pakistan, i. e.  IQRA Rauzatul Atfal. Apart from this, she has done Masters in Islamic Education from The Karachi University. She is a Brilliant teacher who can teach students The Quran with the correct pronunciation of Arabic language. 

She is serving us as a Female Quran Teacher, and we are very proud of her great abilities.  She is also busy in doing Tafheem-e-Deen Course to get more command on teachings of Islam. 

Her availability is on Saturday and  Sunday from 7 am to 12 am. In short, She is a person with a large experience of teaching,  having an excellent knowledge about Islam.

personUstadah Ahmed Mohamed Abdel Moneim Mostafa

Brother Ahmed Mohamed in one of our brilliant Quran Tutors who are eager to inculcate the teachings of Quran recitation into young ones and the older adults. He is very skillful and dedicated Quran teacher.  

Being Egyptian he is an expert in the Arabic language, but he is also equipped with Turkish and English communication skills as well. He has completed his BS in Arts from the University of Alexandria, Alexandria Egypt. 

He is very calm and polite teacher who knows the shortcomings of his students in Quran recitation and explain the Tajweed rules to his students very keenly. He prefers time between 8 am to 12 am to teach his students. A well-experienced person of real nature Ahmed Mohamed Abdel Moneim Mostafa is now a member of our Quran Teaching staff. We think that it is an honor for our team to have him with us in the education department. 

personUstadha Rehab Helmy

AlQuran Classes Is honored to have another highly skilled and experienced teacher, Rehab Helmy. Is an Egyptian born and raised who Holds a degree in Psychology? She has got a very intuitive and supportive personality which helps her teaching students of various psychology with ultimate ease and comfort. Just give a quick look to her impressive career and journey of knowledge.
Rehab worked for 5 years as a coordinator in an Islamic non-profit organization and with a very helpful nature she has volunteered at many other places to provide her services. She is dignified as a holder of Ijaza in Tajweed of the Holy Quran and has memorized half of the holy Quran. She is well certified in teaching Tajweed, Recitation and Memorization. Arabic is her mother tongue and she has full command and fluency in speaking writing and understanding both Arabic and English. She has more than 4 years experience in teaching Quran to children & adults, some of them English native speakers . She has a smooth and unique way in dealing with students in such caring manner that keeps students on ultimate comfort level while learning. Rehab has the patience & ability to approach Quran teaching in different ways till the students thoroughly understand the rules of Tajweed. Her students really appreciate efforts and unique teaching style.

Muslima Nadira Arif

Nadira is really a pride to have as a faculty member. She is a very proficient teacher, well versed in her field of learning and teaching. She earned her Master’s degree in Education from GC University Faisalabad Pakistan. She has studied a lot of subjects related to Quran & Islamic studies such as Arabic, Tajweed, Tafseer, Hadith, Aqidah and Fiqh from Al-Quran Institute. She has got over 6 years of teaching experience and educational coordination in many Government and private institutions but now she has completely dedicated her skills to teach The Holy Quran. She believes that learning Arabic is the first step in learning Qur’an and understanding Islamic Concepts. Her Passion and Love for teaching Qur’an and Arabic gives the candy feel to beginners specially. She explains the idea with absolute confidence and always tries to make lessons easy to comprehend. She is a warm and caring teacher who wishes that all children become successful learners and she works to create a classroom atmosphere that is motivating, encouraging, and adaptive to the varied need of students.

She is a qualified teacher, holds a diploma in secretarial technology and has the undergraduate degree with excellence.

Muslim Sadaf Butt

Here comes another gem of AlQuran Classes faculty. Sadaf is highly skilled in the field of teaching. With her amazing way of teaching and conveying knowledge, she makes learning for others a unique and interactive experience. Let’s have a look at her career and expertise.
She has done Tajweed/Recitation Course with all the rules and regulations of Arabic language from the reputable organization. She has been teaching Tajweed for several years to all ages and races with perfect ease of communication.


Sadaf has a passion for learning, and she has done most of the Quranic Tafseer and translation which is almost reaching its completion. Her knowledge spreads as she has done courses of Hadees, Tafseer, and Aqaid. She has completed many Islamic courses with distinction marks and position. Nevertheless, she has also got an overview of ilmu-ul-nahav and ilmu-ul-sarf in the process of many short courses.
Her Passion doesn’t end here. She is using her writing skills to write Translations and Tafseer or the Holy Book. Recently, she has also started masters in Uloom-e-Islami having the subjects of AlQuran tafseerArabic, ALfiqaTarikhul, fiqahadees / usoole hadees, Islamic history and much more. Adding to this, she has worked on many projects in and out of the field. Sadaf has also been conducting lectures at many universities. Her Plus is that she is confident and cooperative. She has also won many prizes in debate competitions and other programs. Sadaf is an excellent teacher and trainer.

Mualima Fareeda

Here comes another important member of our Teacher’s team. Sister Fareeda is keen to get knowledge from all ways of life. She is a great learner and a fantastic teacher at the same time. She has many academic qualifications in both religion and worldly education. She has completed six years Aalima Course which is equivalent to Masters in Arabic and Islamic studies. She has also memorized the Quran from a known institute, Wafaqul madaris.
Being a University Computer Graduate, she also has an excellent knowledge of Microsoft Office, Adobe Photoshop, Flash, and HTML.
Sister Fareeda has 2+ years experience at Iqra Islamic Vision School as a coordinator and 4+ year as a teacher. Language is not a barrier as she is fluent in English, Arabic, Urdu, Hindi, and Punjabi. Her students admire her friendly yet efficient method of teaching.

Muslima Mehwish

Mehwish is a high pillar of AlQuran Classes teachers team with her ample qualifications. Her soft-spoken and convincing speech make the students love to take classes from her. Just give a glance to her career path.

She holds Specialization in Hadith, and it’s science and in Arabic and Islamic studies. Mehwish also Certifies in Dawa and Tarbia. She has a firm grip on the English Language, therefore, excellent communication skills plus strong command on basic computer knowledge. She is an experienced teacher and can relate to her student in an amazing way and something extraordinary about her.

Ustadha Shaheena

Shaheena is one of our experienced teachers with extensive abilities and knowledge. She established her career with a broad range of qualifications including the knowledge of Tajweed-ul-Quran, Tafheem-ul-Quran, Islamic Methods and Events and Fiqh and much more. She has the skill of satisfying her students to the maximum. Shaheena has got a flexible attitude that helps her to deal with students of all ages and educates them in the best way suitable for them. She is fluent in English and Urdu with excellent communication skills and she believes in maintaining the friendly environment with her students in the class.

Ustadha Rabia

Rabia is another gem of AluranClasses faculty. She has a broad range of expertise and gained knowledge in some Islamic verticals. Let’s give a view to her skills and knowledge.
Rabia’s skills expand in Complete explanation (Tafseer) of the Holy Qur’an with the literal translation. Tajweed (Quranic recitation), Uloom-ul-Qur’an (Quranic Sciences). And Hadith of the Holy Prophet (s.a.w), Uloom-ul-Hadith (Hadith Sciences), Seerah of the Prophet (s.a.w), Fikh-ul-Ibaadat (Islamic Jurisprudence). Usool-ul-Fikh (rulings regarding Islamic Jurisprudence), Muslim Heroes, religion, Arabic grammar, Aqeeda, Da’awah, Quranic and Masnoon dues and Calligraphy (Arabic) and much more. She is experienced in teaching a broad range of students of all ages and fits best to her student’s requirement. Her students like the way she explains everything in detail.

Ustadha Sana

Sister Sana is our proficient Quran and Arabic Grammar Teacher. Her enthusiasm makes her teaching style more compelling and distinctive. Let’s give a glance to her career path and expertise.
She holds several years of experience in Tafseer of the Holy Qur’an with the literal translation. Tajweed, Uloom-ul-Qur’a (Quranic Sciences), Hadith of the Holy Prophet (s.a.w), Uloom-ul-Hadith (Hadith Sciences), Arabic grammar, Aqeeda, Da’awah, Quranic and Masnoon dues and Calligraphy (Arabic) and much more.
Sister Sana has got fabulous combination skills. She is fluent in English and few other languages. Sister Sana currently holds Bachelors Degree in English Literature.

Mualima Rabia Shafique

Sister Rabia has passion and vision for spreading real Islamic teachings she discovers Quranic teaching path to benefit Muslim sisters. She started learning Quran and Tajweed in her childhood By grace of ALLAH (S.W) she has also did Hifz-ul-Quran from Dar-E-Arqam model school at very young age. She also do recitation in Traweeh during Ramazan. Using all the creative and advanced sources Rabia keeps her students engaged and interacted while she loves and enjoys teaching and understands her students very well. She has profound knowledge of Hadith of the Holy Prophet (s.a.w), Muslim Heros, Religion, Aqeeda, Arabic Grammer, Quranic and Masnoon Duas , Fahm-ul Quran, Tafseer Ul Quran and Micesellenous Quranic Studies and Seerat-un-Nabi(s.a.w). While having an excellent command of Islamic knowledge she has also held a Masters Degree in Computer Science and a variety of technical skills.

Alima Sadia

Sadia is representing young blood in AlQuran Classes faculty. She is one of our most energetic teachers with a great passion for teaching. She is a continuous learner keen to study all the aspects of Islam so she can make them more clear to her students as well.
Sadia has an excellent way of understanding and relating to students and their courses making it easy and fun learning. Sadia is a Hafiza with beautiful recitation and a firm grasp on Tajweed as she has completed several tajweed courses at many levels. Her students take it as a treat to learn from her.

Ustadha Zainab (Late!… passed away 13/11/2014) 

Sister Zainab is another pearl teacher at AlQuranClasses. She simply has a grand package of experience and knowledge. Look at her career profile.

She holds a Masters degree in English Linguistics. Her knowledge is comprehensive in Islam as she also holds a degree in Islamic studies. She communicates with the student in the most efficient way, and her students love her teaching manner. Zainab has an amazing way of being along with kids and teaching them with great affection and in most convincing manner.

Ustadh Jamal

Brother Jamal is our leading Quran and Arabic Grammar Teacher. He is intuitive and focused on his teaching methods. He has several years of experience in Tafseer of the Holy Qur’an with a literal translation. Tajweed (Quranic recitation), Uloom-ul-Qur’an (Quranic Sciences), Hadith of the Holy Prophet (s.a.w), Uloom-ul-Hadith (Hadith Sciences), Arabic grammar, Aqeeda, Da’awah, Quranic and Masnoon Duas and Calligraphy (Arabic) and much more.
Brother Jamal is fluent in Arabic, English and few other languages as well.
Jamal has venture Master of Business Administration (MBA) and also pursuing ACCA accreditation as well. Jamal believes to be a visionary of both Islamic and current time education, and he motivates his students the same way with his brilliant thoughts.

Ustadha Rahma Ahmed

Ustadha Rahma is one of our dedicated teachers. She aims to make Tajweed & recitation in Arabic easy to understand and lots of fun.Rahma is an Egyptian tagweed& Quran teacher. She worked in Dar Al salam for teaching Tajweed, Quran Recitation and Memorization for women & children.Also worked in Al Radwan mosque as Quran teacher for children.
By providing a friendly, supportive &efficient classes, she tries to master her students in Quran recitation.
She took courses in Quran’s tajweed &recitation from Dar Alqasrawy, Islamic sciences in (Fiqh, Aqedah, Hadeeth, Tafseer Alquran, prophet Mohammed’s PBUM biography)in Fajralislam institute, Khaled bin Waleed &Alradwan mosques.


She holds Bachelor of Arts and Education in the English language & Professional Diploma in Teaching English. Now she is registered in Quran’s teachers course,Pre-Masters Diploma/Especial Diploma in English teaching methods & PET certification course
The primary Plus point of Rahma is that she loves her job being a Quran teacher and our students love to learn Quran from

personMuslima Mona El Rakayby

Muslima Mona El Rakayby is a very keen and dedicated Quran tutor. She has a great combination of worldly and religious  education. After Completing her Bachelor’s degree in  Accounting from  Cairo University, she completed a  full Tajweed course from El Hosary Mosque, Giza, Egypt.

She is a native Egyptian teacher with an excellent pronunciation of Arabic as it is her mother tongue. Another ability which makes her prominent is that she also has sound command on written and spoken English.

Sister Mona has recently joined us to teach Quran as she is very much interested in Teaching Quran. Her original vision is to polish the pronunciation of Toddlers from the very early stage, so she likes to teach Quran to kids very much. Our Sisters are also much satisfied with her Al-Quran teaching methods as she is very kind, helpful and dedicated lady.

person Ustadha  Sawsan Fouad Gomaa Abdo Ragab

Ustadha Sawsan Fouad Gomaa Abdo Ragab has recently joined us a female Quran Teacher. Sister Sawsan is a Great Amalgamation of Education and experience. She holds a degree of Bachelors of Science, from Alexandria University. As far as her education in the Field of Quran is concerned, she holds a Diploma from Egyptian Ministry of Awqaf plus a degree from The Institute Of Islamic Studies.

Ustadah Sawsan Fouad Gomma Adbo Ragab is a very experienced Quran Teacher. Since the year 2005 to 2012, he served Al-Slam Islamic Institute as a Quran Tutor. She has also served  Taymor school from the year 2010 to 2011. Having Sister Sawsan as a Quran teacher at AlQuran Classes in real pride for us as she is the Person with a vast amount of experience of Quran Teaching to every age group. 


 Hafiz Syed Mohsin Ali

Mohsin is listed among one of those teachers who takes teaching Quran as their passion. That is why after memorizing every verse of the Quran by heart, He dedicated himself to spreading his knowledge.
He has gained the art of teaching Quran after spending six years of his life in teaching multicultural children and adults. 
Hafiz Syed Mohsin is busy nowadays in earning his degree of B.Com (Bachelors of Commerce). He also holds a Diploma in electronic from Premier and Hassani college.

Brother Mohsin has Best communication skills in English and Urdu. He completed his Hifz-ul-Quran from IQRA Rauza-Tul-Atfal Institute Pakistan. Continuing with this noble duty now he is with us at AlQuran Classes, giving time from 12 is – 6 am while he is eager to give more time. May Allah help him in doing that.

In short, he is the Well educated person, experienced teacher, soft-hearted, well organized and loving teacher. AlQuran Classes is very proud to have him on its team.

person  Karam Shapan

Brother Karam Sha’pan is a graduated from Facility of Education in Egypt. He is a specialist in Arabic Language and Islamic studies. He teaches Arabic to foreigners since 2006. He is a very dedicated Qur’an teacher. He bears excellent communication skills in English.

He worked as a Radio Presenter in English. His teaching journey has been going in his academic life. He teaches Qur’an and the Islamic basics for new Muslims and non-Arabian Muslims Arabic professionally. He holds several years experience in teaching Qur’an and Quranic Arabic online in the English language.

We are obliged to have such an experienced teacher in our team. We are hoping his journey here going to be the very fruitful experience of his life.

person  Ghusoon Diaa

Our teacher Ghusoon M Diaa is a very skillful practically experienced in teaching children Quraa’n recitation with Tajweed rules. She is also professionally working in an Institution to help children in memorizing Qur’an,

She studied Tajweed rules. She is an effective member of an Institution that helps children in learning the Arabic language properly from its basics and teaching them the Basic Arabic Grammar rules.

At last but not least she has an ability in helping people to memorize different types of Supplication (Dua, Adhkar, Prayer). Her presence added value to our team. We wish her a very best of luck in her journey in helping others.

personMennatullah Yasser

Sister Mennatullah is a  graduated in Faculty of Commerce from the Department of Business Administration in 2010. She joined the Holy Qur’an Associations and had a command of Tajweed rules.

She is working in a school called Elmagd for memorization of the Qur’an. She prefers to teach the kids aged between 4-7.

  She is a well-educated person, soft-hearted, well organized and devoted teacher. AlQuran Classes is very proud to have her on its team.

personBrother Abdullah

Brother Abdullah recites Quran in a praiseworthy manner & likes to attend Halqas(seminars) in Masjed. He has a license degree in Education from Alazhar University and a diploma in translation and certificates in Computer programming.

He believes the Arabic Language is like the best operating system a PC can ever have. So when it is fine, the rest of programs would be okay too as everything will be stable, upright, fast & efficient.

Ma she’s Allah in addition to his mother tongue Arabic he speaks English & French very well.

person Ustadha Mona

Ustadha Mona is an experienced and skilled member of AlQuran Classes faculty. She is Tajweed and Quran teacher from Egypt; she has an excellent command over English and Arabic Language. She taught Quran and Tawheed during her stay in England for a long time. She has the experience of Tutoring the whole Quran from Muslims of all ages ranging from 4 years to 80 years. Mona also taught in English Islamic schools and Summer schools and community centers both Arabic and Quran Tajweed and memorization. Mona  has continued her Quran teaching endeavors online after having moved to Egypt.


 Ustadha Anam Khan

Since her young age, she was enrolled in a well reputed Quran institute, where she learnt and memorized several Surahs of Quran. After getting basic knowledge of Islam, she completed her education in  “Intermediate education in faculty of science”. Then she got a diploma in tajwee-ul-quran, basic arabic language etc from Madrasa Marium lil-banaat. Since then she had been performing my services in relevant subjects in Madrasa ayesha siddiqa (R.A).Along these services she completed her graduation in 2012 from University of Karachi, Pakistan. She also did english language proficiency program in 2013 for more competency.


She holds considerable 4 yrs experience in teaching young children and women.

  • To improve student learning she prefers to give short but comprehensive explanation of lesson.
  • sets the pace of course depending upon the capabilities of student.
  • provides extra information related to the lesson if necessary.
  • Believes in treating students politely.

 personAhmed M.Sadeq

Brother Ahmed M.sadeq is another experienced and skilled member of AlQuran Classes faculty. He has a superb command over English and Arabic Language. Being a native Arabic speaker, He has excellent Quran recitation skills. He currently resides in UAE and has completed his bachelor’s from the University of Wollongong in Dubai. Along with many other qualities, hard-working and determined nature of brother Ahmed make him a distinguished member of Alquran Classes family.
He believes in teaching methods involving compassion and love.  Ahmed believes to be a visionary of both Islamic and current time education, and he motivates his students the same way with his determined thoughts.


Ahmed Mahmoud Farag Hassan

One of the Best Holy Quran teachers we have on board is brother Ahmed Mahmoud. He belonged to Egypt and completed his Bachelors of Arts in Islamic studies from Faculty of Languages and Translation, Al-Azhar University, Cairo in 2012. After finishing his studies, he has served as an Arabic to English translator at many places. He can communicate in Arabic and English fluently and has spoken skill of german language too, That is why he is best able to teach our students from all over the world. Alquran classes are happy to have him as a part of the faculty.


Ahmed Mansour Ahmed Mahmoud

Teacher Ahmed Mansour is professionally teaching Arabic since 5-6 years. He holds Bachelor of literature and Education from Ain Shams University, Cairo. After completing bachelor he earned Postgraduate Diploma in Arabic Language Methodology from the same university. Brother Ahmed holds specialty in teaching Arabic to Non-Native Speakers. He is able to create a vibrant and active learning environment for students . He is familiar with a variety of approaches for teaching pupils from different cultural backgrounds. Brother Ahmed Mansour can show in both one-on-one and group teaching modes. He aims to provide students with useful language and cultural awareness training so as to enable them to function with confidence in a foreign setting.


 Ustadh Aly Adel Aly Abozina

Teacher Adel Aly Abozina is a graduate of Al Azhar university from where he holds B.A. of Islamic Legislation & Law (English). He is also a holder of Ijaza (Confirmation) of Hafs ‘an Assem narration of The Holy Qur’an. Ustadh Aly Abozina has been working as a Teacher of Arabic language, Tajweed, and Islamic studies for non-Arabs. Along with other skills, Ustadh Aly Abozina is in high favor of the use of Technology and modern teaching methods in Class Room. His advanced way of education and commitment to the profession of teaching makes him one of the distinguished teachers at AlQuran Classes.

person Bahaa Eldeen Gamal Mohammad Mohammad

AlQuran Classes have highly skilled, energetic, young and talented teacher from Egypt. He specialized in language skills and as he is an Egyptian so Gamal has a firm grip on Arabic and he also has a command in English and Italy. Gamal has worked with Armed forces and knows different managerial skills. He also has command on communication skills as he worked as call center agent. He has the expertise to deal with students amiably and interactively. His versatile way of teaching mesmerizes his students, and he is very skillful with weapons of excellent communication and management.

He has completed his courses from Al-Azhar University and also has a firm grip on computing skills. He is a person with a brilliant command of interpersonal relationships, and he is an outstanding teacher. He devotes his entire senses while teaching to his students. His students like him and AlQuran are honored to have him on the team.

person Basma Alwakeel

Basma Alkwakeel is one of our dedicated teachers. She graduated from Al-Azhar University in human studies. 31 years old Basma have four years’ experience of teaching Quran to Arabic students. She is an excellent teacher who can teach Quran to her students in the correct pronunciation of Arabic language.

AlQuran Classes is very proud to have a female teacher like Basma Alwakeel. She is from Egypt so have a firm hold on Arabic, and she also has two years of experience of teaching non-Arabic students. She is intelligent and strict to the goal teacher and her students like her way of teaching.

  Dalia Elgawad Hassanperson

Dalia is an Arabic teacher, and she is a lecturer at Al-Azhar University. She is very hardworking, and her goal is to teach her student as best as she could. She is a very responsible person, and AlQuran Classes Is honored to have such an experienced teacher in his team.

She is working for the development of a program through which non-Arabic students can learn Arabic very easily. She is very supportive that she could be available upon request at any time. She utilizes her extra time to make her teaching better than before. She also has a firm grip on English which gave her an edge. She has an experience of 8 years of teaching Arabic to non-Arabic students. Just have a quick glance at Dalia’s career.


Dalia is experienced in teaching Arabic to French, British, Russian and Canadians. She has been teaching Arabic from eight years to different universities and institutions which are Fajr center, AlQuran center, Cairo Institution, International Institution for languages, Al-ebana center, and now at Azhar center for non-Arabian in Azhar University. She has been also indulged in online teaching to non-Arabic students Madinah Arabic tuition from 2012 until now, Maqsoud.net from 2008 to 2012, Verbalplanet.com2013, and Myngle.com. Her impressive career and knowledge journey made her a very delicate teacher and this experience of dealing with students of different nature and different regions gave her a unique way of teaching. She is passionate about her profession and teach so well that every word of her teaching go deep inside to the student.

person Mrs. Dina Mohamed Abd Alatty

Mrs. Dina is a professional translator of English to Arabic language. She is Egyptian-born so have the firm grip on Arabic, but along with this, she has a command of English and very proficient, experienced and has excellent intellectual skills. She is engaged in learning rules of Islam, and she is teaching voluntarily to the new people converted to Islam.

She is a self-motivated and dedicated teacher. She can do multiple tasks at the same time, and she has blessed with strong intellectual skills. She can hold any pressure, and her ability to work in a team made her much valuable. She is the very encouraging teacher, and she can deliver his knowledge in a very interactive manner. She has Holy Quran along with Tajweed in her memory. Al-Quran Classes is honored to have such a brilliant minds in his team.


 Eman Gamal Elsayed

Eman Gamal Elsayed is an experienced and talented member of AlQuran Classes. She is Egyptian born native Arabic speaker and an Art teacher. She has memorized Holy Quran and a very delegate teacher. Her method of teaching is very impressive and profound; she has superb command over Arabic Language. She’s graduated from Al-Azhar University. She is Norania certified and teaches her students with responsibility and smoothness, her ways of teaching is very impressive.

personEman Maher

Eman Maher is a focused and enthusiastic teacher. Eman is an experienced and skillful member of Al-Quran Classes. She has worked with charity organization which has given her strong organizational skills. She is native Arabic speaker and also has a command on English. Eman has taken many training courses and has a skillful journey of knowledge. She teaches her students in a very mesmerizing way. Her students like her way of teaching as she indulges them in their lessons they won’t get bored.


 Heba Eid Megahed

Heba is really a delight to have in AlQuran Classes faculty from Egypt. She is a native Arabic speaker and an Islamic study teacher. She holds a bachelor degree in Islamic history and civilization in English language. She worked as head of department of Islamic histories and cultures. She is a self-motivated teacher and can teach to her students very impressively. Heba students like her way of teaching and she is very creative teacher. She possesses excellent communications skills. The clarity of her views and concepts is the key to her success and it easier for her to convey her knowledge to students. She teaches in a manner which appeals her student so well that they could get understanding of every bit of word which she is conveying.

personHend Mohamed Hafez

Hend Mohamed Hafez is another experienced and skilled member of AlQuran Classes faculty. He certified in reading Quran and trainer of Qaeda Norania Ijazaa of Hafsah and Shopaa and Aasem and have six years experience in teaching Quran, and he also possesses three years of experience teaching Arabic to non-Arabic students on the internet. Hafez is working as trainer and tester manager at Quran academy. Al-Quran Classes feel proud of such an experienced teacher.


 Karam M. Sha’pan

Karam is an Arabic and Islamic studies teacher, and he is teaching from 2004. Karam is a firm grip on English as well, and he can communicate in French and Spanish and doing his MBA and also possesses powerful computing skills. He is president of an NGO and working as presenter and producer on Radio Lana and Radio Sinai Live. He also worked as marketing manager and manager of foreign tourism. He has a vast list of experiences and working knowledge. His style of teaching is unique and impressive. Al-Quran Classes feels an edge for having such a versatile, experienced teacher on board.

person Mohammed Bassiouni

Brother Mohamed Bassyouni is one of the brilliant teachers of Al-Quran Classes. Mohammed is Tutors eager to teach the teachings of Quran recitation into his students. He is very skillful and dedicated Quran teacher. He holds a degree in Law from Al-Azhar University. He has strong communication skills and acquired team spirit. He can adjust with students of different cultures and understand their norms and values. He has been teaching Quran and Tajweed for five years. His native language is Arabic and also has strong hold on English. Mohammed finds a practical solution for the shortcoming of his learners as he worked with British council in solving client’s matters. He explains Quran and its Tajweed so well to his students that they get themselves involved into this. In past he provides assistance to young leaders which polished his ability to understand laps and mindset of young ones. His these kind of experiences made him popular among his students.


Ustadha Noha Nagy Mahmoud

Noha Nagy Mahmoud is an Egyptian Educator and a native Arabic speaker. An English teacher, a supervisor in one of the reputable Language schools in Egypt. She obtained her B.A. from Cairo University in both English Language and Literature. She is certified from the American University in Cairo as a Professional Educator. Noha completed her memorization of the Holy Quarn in 2005 in Al Hussary Institute, a Charitable institution established by the well known reciter Shaikh Al Hussary ( Rahmatuallahe Aliah) . Noha has her first Ijazah (Sanad) for Hafaas Ann Assem;“the Tausut Maad” in 2012 taken from Shaikh Yahia AbdulAziz. She is certified from Dar Alzaraa and She got another Ijazah (Sanaad) in 2015 for Hafaas Ann Assem “the Qasar Maad” and again from Shaikh Yahia Abdulaziz. Hopefully she will obtain her third Ijazaa soon.


She started by teaching Children in Al Hussary Institute in 6th October in 2007 and then she began instructing women from 2008 till now. She teaches non-Arabic speakers both online and onsite. Noha started her online career of teaching in 2010 through some non-profitable organizations. She learned the stories of the Holy Quraan for Adults through Insaniat Institute in Ramadan 2010. Her students are mainly from Pakistan, India, Egypt, Australia, Canada and U.S. Noha is an Islamic translator in IQRAA Channel, she is subtitling and editing as well. An amazion She lives in Cairo, Egypt & is very fluent in English, still enrolled in Learning German and Urdu as well.