Introduction of language Arabic online:

The language Arabic online is one of the world’s major languages around the world which has more than 300 million people that belongs to different Arab countries who use Arabic as  their mother tongue.  It is also used  as the major language in a non Arab countries including Afghanistan, Iran, Israel, Iran and Nigeria. The first principal language Arabic  taught to men was the one taught by God Himself, and that this language was Arabic. Every single other languages are the offspring or branches of Arabic.

History of language Arabic online:

The language Arabic online belongs to the Afro-Asiatic family of languages which consists of more than three hundred languages. Some people use this language Arabic extinct and some used this marginally. Arabic and Hebrew are the two prime cases of living Semitic languages while Hausa and different vernaculars of Berber are illustrations of surviving Hamitic languages.

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The Holy Prophet Muhammad got his messages from Allah in Arabic through the Angel Gabriel over a time of twenty-three years, 610-632 A.D. The Holy Quran, containing these messages, was initially dedicated to memory by expert reciters (hufaz and qura’). With the spread of Islam, distinctive accents for the articulation of the Quran came into utilization until an institutionalized form was finished under the third Caliph, Uthman Ibn ‘Affan, in the mid-seventh century A.D.


With the twenty’s start first century, a renewed language Arabic online has risen after a century of battle and development that presented various changes. The level headed discussion concerning the practicality of artistic Arabic as the medium for training, innovation, and mass correspondence has for all intents and purposes stop. Present day Standard Arabic has been acknowledged as a typical and binding together bond among the Arabs, rising above their differing qualities in financial status, political substances, religious convictions, and national yearnings.

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