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Question no 1:

Tell me the difference between Hajj and umrah??


Many people does not know the main difference of “Hajj” and “Umrah”. Some People think that Hajj and Umrah are same but both are not same. Hajj has its own importance and Umrah has its own.


    1. It is mandatory and obligatory for all Muslims

2. It is a major pilgrimage

3. Every Muslims must perform Hajj at least once in a life time

4. Hajj has three types:Hajj Al-Tamatt’u, Hajj Al-Ifrad, Hajj Al-                         Qiran.Hajj Al-Tamatt’u: performs Hajj and Umrah                                        separately Hajj Al-Ifrad: performs Hajj only Hajj Al-                                        Qiran: performs Hajj and Umrah together.

5. It is the fifth pillar of Islam

  1. It is not mandatory and obligatory for all Muslims
  2. it is a minor pilgrimage
  3. It is not mandatory to perform Umrah  atleast once in a life time
  4. Umrah has two types:Umrat al mutradah and Umrat-al tammatu.
    Umrat al mutradah means to perform Umrah without Hajj except during the month of Hajj i.e Shawaal, Dhul qada and the first ten days of Dhul hijjah
    Umrat-al tammatu means to perform Umrah and Hajj together.
  5. It is not pillar of islam.

A person who enters in the state of ihram in the beginning of hijri months i.e shawaal, Dhul Qadah, the last ten days of Dhul hijjah,  can complete the requirements of Hajj until the evening of the tenth  day of the Dhul hijjah month.So, If a person enters in the state of ihram before the hijri month then this is “Makrooh”.

On other side, A person enters in the state of ihram before the hijri month in acceptable for Umrah. In Quranic Verses:

“For Hajj, are the months well-known.” (al-Baqarah, 2:197)

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Question no 2:

What are different types of Hajj?


There are three different types of Hajj:

  1. Hajj Al-Tamatt’u
  2. Second is Hajj Al-Ifrad
  3. Third is Hajj Al-Qiran
Hajj Al-Tamatt’u:
  • A person who performs Hajj and Umrah separately with two neeyah.
  • This type of  person is known as “Mutamatti”.
  • Someone who enters into ihram for umrah. He performs umrah and take off the ihram. A person again enters into ihram for Hajj and performs Hajj.
Hajj Al-Ifrad:
  • A person who performs Hajj only
  • This type of  person is known as “Mufrid”
  • A person enters into ihram for Hajj neeyah.
Hajj Al-Qiran:
  • A person who performs Hajj and Umrah together
  • This type of  person is known as “Qaarin”
  • One who enters into ihram for Hajj and Umrah both

In the above three forms of Hajj, all are acceptable. So, A person can choose any one of them but the best of three of them is Hajj Al-Tamatt’u. The Holy Prophet (PBUH) also recommend His companion to perform Hajj Al-Tamatt’u because in this type both Hajj and Umrah are separately  performed with two neeyah.

Question 3:

Is it possible to give money to the poor instead of going to the Hajj?


Allah says in Quran:

“And Hajj (pilgrimage to Makkah) to the House (Ka‘bah) is a duty that mankind owes to Allaah, those who can afford the expenses (for one’s conveyance, provision and residence); and whoever disbelieves [i.e. denies Hajj (pilgrimage to Makkah), then he is a disbeliever of Allaah], then Allaah stands not in need of any of the ‘Aalameen (mankind, jinn and all that exists).” [Aal ‘Imraan 3:97].

If a person has money to perform Hajj, then he should perform hajj immediately instead of being late. So, You can give money to poor if you think that you that you have enough money to perform Hajj, then you should go for Hajj immediately after giving money to poor.

It is absolutely wrong to give money to poor instead of going to Hajj. Hajj is fard for all Muslims. So every Muslims should perform Hajj.

Question 4:

Can I perform Hajj every year?


Abu Hurayrah said that The Holy Prophet (PBUH) addressed us and said:

O people, Allaah has enjoined Hajj on you, so perform Hajj.”

A man said: “Is it every year, O Messenger of Allaah?” He remained silent until (the man) said it three times. Then the Holy Prophet(PBUH) said:

“If I said yes it would be obligatory and you would not be able to do it.” Then he said:

“Be content what I leave with you, for those who came before you were destroyed because they asked too many questions and argued with their Prophets. If I tell you to do something then do as much of it as you can, and if I tell you not to do something then abstain from it.”

It depends on you that you can perform Hajj every year or not. If you think that you can perform Hajj more than once then you can perform it. Mandatory is only one to perform Hajj once in a life time not every year.

Question 5:

Does Hajj become compulsory after performing “Umrah”?


Hajj is the fifth pillar of Islam which means it is an obligatory for all Muslims who are mentally and physically perfect and financial strong of performing Hajj.

If a person performs Umrah then it does not mean that Hajj has also been performed. Hajj and Umrah both have their own importance and rewards. You must perform Hajj whether you perform Umrah three times, five times or six times. If a person does not have money for Hajj, then he should also not try to for Umrah because when a person goes for Umrah, Hajj is compulsory for him to perform.

So, Hajj and Umrah both are different and Muslims should know their differences.

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3 Responses to Hajj and Umrah- Muslims should know about them!

  1. Hajj is the fifth pillar of Islam and every physically and financiallly sound muslim has to do this once in life but Umrah can be done many time in the life

  2. Assalamualikum
    I have never come across such a good question & answer interaction on these topics on the web which is a good initiative done by AlQuranclasses and this reminds me about the similar interaction which I had the chance to see in the United States when I was about to depart for the Hajj from a leading travel agency Sara International Travel and their Scholars had given good lectures on these topics. I had the privilege to travel to Hajj May Allah accept my Hajj as Hajj Mabrur.

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