Hundred years ago England had a powerful prime minister. He was Christian of Anglican church. The name of prime minister was Gladstone. Once he was talking in British parliament that how to destroy the power of Muslims in Egypt so that British could continue to rule over them.


During his speech he raised a copy of Al-Quran in his hand and said that we would never be able to dominate them until they have this book with them in their country. He said that Muslims followed and respected this book so to rule over them only one solution is to try and separate this book from Muslims of Egypt.

After his speech they formed an official committee for forming ways of carrying out Gladstone’s recommendation. The committee decided to send some officials to Egypt who would launch a campaign which would weaken the faith of people and make them suspicious of the truth of Al-Quran. The aim was to weaken them and letting them away from Al-Quran and from Islamic life.

For fulfilling their agenda they sent a man named Dunlop to the Egypt as a teacher.

Campaign against Quran:

Along his campaign he prepared several books containing vicious material. Those books had nothing instead the propaganda in disguise. In one lesson he depicted a story of old Egypt that Muslims were not making struggle and progress due to Al-Quran and Islam. It alleged that people of Egypt were much more civilized prior to the coming of Islam.

In their first attempt they succeeded by influencing youth at schools.

Then the holy people of al Azhar University protested against authorities and demand that an end be put to it. Their leaders said that now let us find out the specialties and qualities of this holy book which our enemies wished to remove among Muslims.

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They said that our holy book is known as al-Quran which means “the reading” the reading of the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) the prophet of Islam who never went to any school. Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) retired to a cave of hira which is not far from Makah. One day jibraeal appeared to him and asked him to read. The holy prophet answered that what should I read? Jibraeal said

“Read in the name of thy Lord, who created; created man out of a mere clot of congealed blood; read; and thy Lord is most bountiful; He who taught (The use of) pen; taught man that which he did not know”.

 Guidelines for Daily Life in Quran:

Allah has revealed Al-Quran to Prophet Muhammad (pbuh), words of Al-Quran is speech of God.So, This book gives guide lines for daily routines and life. It appeals to our power of reasoning, and exhorts us to follow the commands of Allah.

It is about the miracles of last prophet, who came from God. This is not surprising thing that this holy book remained original for the last 1400 years. And till the Day of Judgment it shall remain. As Allah has taken it on himself to protect it

“Surely we have sent down the reminder (Al-Quran) and we will most surely be its guardian.” (Sura Al-Hijr -verse 9)

The Qur’an is divided into 114 chapters (Suras). There are in it 6226 verses (Ayats) containing 99,464 words made up of 330,110 letters.

Imam Ja’far Sadiq (a)  said that one should at least recite 50 Ayats every day. Let us, therefore, value and respect this Great Book by reading it with understanding and follow its teachings.

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