ALLAH the mighty creator of the earth has revealed one of the best religions and the best scripture on earth for guidance of human being. Islam is the religion and Quran is the code of conduct of the religion, the language of God Almighty. Quran is the way ALLAH spoke to His creation. In this ever divine book, ALLAH reveled His glory, different commandments, stories of rightly guided people, moral lessons and basic instructions for life. Like every divine book, Quran has its own unique style of naration, style of ALLAH’s narration. Since Quran was reveled in Arab, the book followed some of the healthy traditions of arabs to make the audience feel at home and comfortable. Among many other traditions of Arab, one was swearing, which was often used by people in order to express their truthfulness while making promises.
In Quran, ALLAH also sweared at many places. interestingly, ALLAH has committed four promises with mandkind. SubhanAllah !

Promise of ALLAH About Remembrance:

ALLAH says in Surah Al-Baqarah, verse 152

“So remeber me, I will remmber you.” (2:152).

Here Allah promises his slave, that if the salve will remember his creator, the might creator would also remember him.

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Promise of ALLAH About Benevolence:

Most of us complain about shortage of money, and about business crisis and similar situations. Allah provides a solution by saying in Surah Ibrahim, verse 7;

If you are greatfull, I will surely increase you

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Promise of ALLAH About Response:

We often get tired of asking and running for solution. Often we think why ALLAH is not responding. If ALLAH has authority over all, then why is’nt He ending your turmoil ? Answer is, HE wants you to call him. HE wants you to put forward your request. He likes listening to you. Of course, He is the might Lord and He can do what ever may He wishes. But he wants those words of request to be uttered from your very own lips. And if you call Him, there is one thing He promises, HE WOULD RESPOND.

Call upon me and I will answer you. (40:60)


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Promise of ALLAH About Forgiveness:

Every one of us has done mistakes and committed sins. A good muslim seeks forgiveness from ALLAH all the time for his intentional and unintentional mistakes and sins. One of the greatest tricks of shaitan is to make a person belive that his repentence is usless and his sins are too grave to be forgiven. its just like your are not takign the shower when you need it the most !
so to restore our faith in repentence and forgiveness, ALLAH has promised his believer in following words;

And allah will not punish them while they seek forgiveness. (Anfaal:33)

promise of Allah in quran

and the most important thing, which will firm our belief on promises of ALLAH is that ;

Indeed Allah never breaks his promises

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