It happened so One day that a man went to ‘Umar (who was the Amir ul Mumineen at that time) and complained something about Hazrat ‘Ali.

Court proceedings then followed:

The man who complained appeared before ‘Hazrat Umar as the plaintiff in the case; and Hazrat ‘Ali, appeared as the defendant.

When two litigants stood before him, ‘Umar turned to ‘Ali and said,

“Be equal with your opponent, O Abu Hasan.”

Perhaps Hazrat ‘Umar felt that Hazrat ‘Ali was not standing exactly parallel (equal) to the plaintiff; but whatever the case, Hazrat ‘Umar, from the outset, was making it clear that he was not going to take sides that both litigants went equal in the eye of the law.

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When Hazrat ‘Umar uttered the above-mentioned command, Hazrat ‘Ali’s face took on an expression of anger.

The proceedings then continued until Hazrat ‘Umar issued his verdict in the case; and then afterwards Hazrat ‘Umar said to Hazrat ‘Ali, “O Abu Hasan, did you become angry because I treated the two of you as equal?”

“No, O Leader of the Believers! Rather, I became angry because you did not treat my opponent and me equal! You honored me when you called me by my kunyah (Abu Hasan). But you did not call my opponent by his Kunyah (instead you called him by his proper name).”

At this, Hzrat ‘Umar then kissed Hazrat ‘Ali on his head and said,

“May Allah not keep me alive on a land upon which there is no Abu Hasan!”

Allahu Akbar! SubhaanAllah!

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