Every living being on earth Needs food for it’s Sustenance. Food is secondary to the life of a living being , Oxygen being primary. All living beings; be it a cell , an algae , a fly or mosquito , a rat ,  a monkey , Dinosaur , Gorilla , Snake or Human; NEED and EAT food. then What is it that makes YOU different? Ever pondered? Correct!!!!! It is the Manners. The manners of your eating is what makes you different and Better. 🙂 Alhumdulillah

Now let us Find Out what our Deen-al-Islam Teaches us about the manners and etiquette of eating food.

Manners of Eating Food

First things First. Clean yourself. Cleanliness is half of your faith 🙂

Scrub Your hands off Before Eating:

Before eating wash your hands so as to get rid of any dirt , dust ,smell and germs.

Start Eating in the Name of Allah

Start with Allah’s Name.

Pssst! Sush it. Don’t talk

Islam forbids us to talk while eating , because it’s against the table manners. (It is Not Haram. But not Liked either ) For the Science savvy people, there’s a risk of your food slipping into your esophagus if you talk and eat simultaneously. 

Do NOT eat like it’s your First and Last time 😀

The teachings of the Holy prophet (PBUH) tell us that, one should not eat  less nor too much, but  in between. Just enough that a little hunger is left and a space for him to breathe. Eating moderately  is a very good habit and saves from many diseases.

Do NOT Drink

Haha! I know what you thinking :p well I don’t really mean it in THAT sense. But I kinda do 😀

From Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)’s ahadith we come to know that he never appreciated drinking water during a meal as it becomes the reason of various diseases. Water should be taken before a meal if required. It should be drunk in three breathes.

Sharing is Caring

Islam highly appreciates sharing meals with other Muslim brothers as it increases love between them. Eating with others is better than Eating Alone.


Please Do not feed you bins. They Don’t need it. Trust me No matter how much you think they look like you, They ain’t human :p

All food should be eaten so that nothing is left on the plate not even the tiniest crumb of your bread. If one feels like he is less hungry he should take out less food in his plate in the first place.Islam Highly condemns wastage of any sorts.

Lick your Fingers Clean

Yes. It’s a SUNNAH act. Lick your fingers clean after you finish eating something with your hand. Again for the Science Savvies , Scientists declared that licking your Fingers clean after a meal , helps secrete such juices in our stomach that are vital to the digestion of food.

Dua to recite after you finish eating your meal

May Allah help us follow the traditions of the Holy Prophet (PBUH). Ameen 🙂

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5 Responses to Eating Manners- Don’t go savage!

  1. Abdullah says:

    We should talk while eating for 2 reasons:
    1. Cause we are Muslims not Jews.
    2. While eating the Prophet PBUH used to talk here is one example of too many:
    Narrated ‘Umar bin Abi Salama: I was a boy under the care of Allah’s Apostle and my hand used to go around the dish while I was eating. So Allah’s Apostle said to me, ‘O boy! Mention the Name of Allah and eat with your right hand, and eat of the dish what is nearer to you.” Since then I have applied those instructions when eating.

  2. Sidra Kaukab says:

    Dear Brother Abdullah! Jaza’ak ALlah for your coment 🙂
    With due respect bro.
    There’s no proof of the Holy Prophet mentioning that Muslims should talk while eating coz they aren’t Jews.
    Secondly There’s No Hadith that “Explicitly” states that Muslim SHOULD talk while eating.
    Thanks For visiting and Providing your insight 🙂

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