“Your Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H) was Pedophile” the most infuriating comment of the 21st century quoted by critics of Islam and Muslims try to avoid it as long as possible. Before going into details one must be wondering what a Pedophile is and Why the Best person in History Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) is charged by this? Pedophile or Child Molester or Child offender or Child Predator is a person who is attracted towards young Children and Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) marriage with Aisha (R.A) is said to be an act of this.  There is no denying the fact that Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) is the most cultured and well-behaved mortal who ever walked on the face of this earth.  His words, knowledge and personality are incomparable to anyone. His kindness, love and affection guided humanity from the darkest valleys of ignorance and into the light of satisfaction and truthfulness. Although he was not educated from any school or any scholarly institution, still he was popular for his honesty and kindness that earned him the titles “Sadiq” and “Ameen”.  He forgave all men after conquering Mekkah even though the Mekkah was the inhabitant of worst enemies of Islam and of Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H) himself. He preached his followers kindness and morality and made it a religious obligation.

He said: A Muslim has five duties towards another Muslim; to return a salutation, visit the sick, follow funerals, accept an invitation and say ‘God have mercy on you’ when one sneezes. But critics portrait some Islamic principles and actions of the Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H) in such a way that one may think that he was the biggest antisocial element who ever breathed in the soils of Arabia.  These critics left no stone unturned to portrait Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H) as terrorist, criminal or worst of all a “PEDOPHILE”. They say that Muhammad (P.B.U.H) was a happy man because he had 11 wives and it is not hard to imagine in which sense they are meaning. These critics highlight prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H) as “Pedophile” because he married a nine old girl Ayesha (R.A). For a detail study of what a Pedophile is and what are its types, please read the first part: https://www.alquranclasses.com/?p=770

*brief history of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) & traits of pedophilia compared*

Before seeking these traits in Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W) I would like to tell briefly about the humble and exemplary life of the greatest man who ever walked on the face of this earth.  Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H) is the considered as last and final messenger of God by Muslims. His Prophet Hood is mentioned in the sacred scriptures of world’s major religion such as Hinduism, Christianity, Judaism, Parsiasim, Sikhism etc. This man was born in Mekkah and due to this truthfulness and transparent nature he earned the title of Sadiq (Truthful) and Ameen. He received his prophet hood in the cave of hira at the age of 40, when he started preaching Islam he had to face numerous problems and at last he migrated to Medina with his friend Abu-bakar (R.A) (father of Ayesha (R.A) ).  In Medina, many people embraced Islam due to piety and unparallel kindness of Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W), he gave right of inheritance to woman as well as their lost position in society, he also form laws for animals, imposed new and better laws, and in short he changed their life style completely. He fought many wars with his enemies but readers must know that Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H) didn’t kill any individual but God kill infidels through his hand. After a peace treaty which was broken by infidels of Mekkah, he formed an army of nearly 1000 men and marched toward Mekkah and captured that city without killing anyone. He forgave all his enemies and didn’t let anyone to take revenge, soon due to his kindness and illuminating way of life inspired everyone to Islam and nearly the whole of Mekkah accepted Islam. This was a very brief insight in his life…Now let’s find these traits in our beloved Prophet’s (peace be upon him) life.


1.  All pedophiles prefer jobs which will ensure the company of children as stated above but we fairly know that Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W) at an early used to graze the cattle of Bani-saad & later he became the most famous merchant of Arabia known for this truthfulness and piety. He never pursued any profession other than these two professions after he received prophet hood from God. So there is no question of getting involved with children all the time.


2. All situational pedophile find themselves difficult to interact with adults and prefer sexual relationship with children in their ‘preferred age range’ but we fairly know that Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W) was the best merchant in Arabia, such capabilities required great interacting capabilities with people & also we have no historical record that Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W) really harassed any child (GOD forbids) not only this he married a 40 year old ‘adult’ and respectable widow ‘Khadija (R.A)’ which is impossible for pedophiles to do as they do not want to engage themselves in any relationship. Dr. Estela V Weldon says, “Pedophiles target primarily children underage, male and female, and they are not engaged in adult relationship.”(Under the heading Differential Diagnosis between incest perpetrators and pedophiles, “Specific Characteristics of pedophilia amongst other Male and Female perversions”)


3. All preferential pedophiles are homosexual males it means that they will not prefer woman or at least a woman as old as 40 to marry but we fairly know that Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) never indulge in such things, his character and chastity is incomparable to anyone. Throughout his life, he married only women & we know that Hazrat Khadija (R.A) was her first wife who was 40 years old. At the time of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) even before his prophet hood Arabs never indulge in homosexual relationships, some Arabs never believed that a man can be attracted sexually to another man.


4. As stated above all pedophiles first portray themselves as good guys means they do not prefer people passing derogatory comments about them nor any criticism is unaffordable but we know from history that Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W) had to face lots of taunts from the non-believers of Arabia when he started preaching Islam. If he had any intentions of molesting any child, he could not have faced such criticism.


5. According to the research stated in previous post at https://www.alquranclasses.com/?p=770 pedophiles, are motivated by some motivational factors such as the abused-abused theory but we that Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) was brought up under the company of eminent men of Arabia i.e. Abdul matlib, AbuTalib, when he was a child he was under the custody of ‘Halima’ in the best of environment as possible and besides pagan Arabs at that time never practice homosexuality so there is no possibility that he was abused when he was a child.


6.  We can infer from the research that pedophilia causes due to poor self esteem, cognitive distortions, low confidence, social avoidance, feeling of shame, low self confidence, impaired assertiveness and also low IQ but these traits aren’t found in Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) in the least amount because it required great confidence to lead an army of 313 against 1000 infidels, highly interacting with others to lead followers to pass through all the hardships, high confidence to answerer the burning question of infidels and highly intelligent to unite every scattered tribe of Arabia.


7. For the details of Cluster A read this: https://www.alquranclasses.com/?p=770 Now it’s fairly clear that Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H) life doesn’t match the traits as its mentioned in Cluster A because we know that he enjoys close relationships, didn’t bear any grudges against another, highly mannered,  highly forgiving nature, didn’t bear suspicions for any other, highly understanding person and always think what was good for his people.


8. For the details of Cluster C read this: https://www.alquranclasses.com/?p=770 Cluster C and our Prophet (P.B.U.H)’s life is for me opposite to each other, Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W) was highly interactive, intelligent, never consider himself inferior to anybody, took part in all activities relating to the welfare of people, highly moral character, highly giving alms, always appreciated whatever someone do for him even if it is less in amount, highly motivating character, He did not rely on others but always did his work by himself.


9. Darwin Dorr highlighted the common traits of a pedophile and a physcopath and he believed that pedophile is actually physcopathic predation. The ‘Zero state’ (as point out by Long, Wuesthoff, and Pitchers) he mentioned the feelings of worthlessness, futility, hopelessness and a belief that his feelings are transparent to others which leads to envy, criminal behaviors and a strong lust to have everything at the cause of harming others and this aggression leads to sexual predation. Now we know from history that our Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W) during his prophet hood and youth remained honest and philanthropist unlike pedophiles who hate others especially children but our Prophet Muhammad love children. “Muhammad was admired for his courage, resoluteness, and impartiality and for firmness that was tempered by generosity. He won men’s hearts by his personal charm. He was gentle, especially with children. Though he was sometimes silent in thought, for the most part he was engaged in purposeful activity. He worked vigorously and spoke rapidly. He became for the later Muslims an example of virtuous character, and stories presented him as realizing the Islamic ideal of human life.” (Encyclopedia Britannica: Ed.15, 1988, pp. 4-5).  Muhammad (S.A.W) was the famous merchant of Arabia confident, optimistic, visionary, and highly respected in all tribes of Arabia. So it’s unfair to attribute such traits on his superb personality which weren’t present in the least.


10.  Our Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W) also doesn’t fit Mayer’s view of pedophile (For the details, read this: https://www.alquranclasses.com/?p=770) in which a child is seen as an object to play with, having no rights and honor. Allah’s Messenger was particularly compassionate towards children. When he saw a child crying, he sat beside him or her and shared his or her feelings. He felt the pain of a mother for her child more than the mother herself. Once he said: “I stand in prayer and wish to prolong it. However, I hear the cry of a child and cut the prayer short for the anxiety which the mother is feeling.” (Al-Bukhari).He would take children in his arms and embrace them. He was once hugging his beloved grandsons, Hasan and Hussain, when Aqrah bin Haabis told him, ‘I have got ten children. So far, I have not kissed any of them.’ Allah’s Messenger responded: “The one with no pity for others is not pitied.” (Al-Bukhari and Muslim).According to another version, he said: “What can I do for you if Allah has removed from you the feeling of compassion?” (At-Tirmidhi).He pointed out they have difficulty in controlling anger, lust for power and dominance, low impulsivity, low frustrated tolerance, frustrated dependency, distrustful, himself molested as a child, unwilling to admit their mistakes, use of alcohol while abusing and low decision making as point out by Jerkins Hall. It is quite surprising that all those who alleged Muhammad (peace be upon him) as a pedophile do not bear an iota of sense. Our Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) was the most gentle of Arabia and never got angry upon others even his greatest enemies praise his kindness and affection. Again I will say that we have no historical proof claiming that Prophet Muhammad (peace upon him) was molested when he was himself a child, he never had a lust for power and control neither on children nor over people, if he ever had, he could have given up the preaching of Islam when the Quresh offered him power and wealth. Before Islam, alcohol was permitted still our Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) never had a single drop of alcohol even before his prophet hood, although it was an accepted norm and culture of the Arabs to have alcohol. Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) was an excellent decision maker; the decisions made by him are unobjectionable by anyone. During the construction of Kabbah, tribes were fighting over the holy rock; the issue was that everybody wanted to place the rock in the Kabbah but could not reach a peaceful agreement. Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) gave the suggestion that the rock should be placed on a sheet then a member from each tribe will come and everybody will lift the sheet all at once and place it in the Kabbah. This excellent decision increased the love for him in the hearts of the people and laid an everlasting impression.


11. As you have seen above according to DSM-IV criteria (For the details : https://www.alquranclasses.com/?p=770) a person should have 6 months or more recurring sexual urges in fantasies and dreams before he could be classified as a pedophile. Someone may say that Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) was also dreaming about Ayesha (R.A) but I think somebody has missed the point here, He did not see a pedophilic dream  where he was molesting a child but Prophet dreamed that he saw a man who was carrying someone wrapped in a piece of silk. The man said to him: “This is thy wife, so uncover her.” The Prophet lifted the silk and there was ‘Aisha but wait! Pedophilic dreams are ‘recurrent’ (until the sexual act is taken place as sexual release) but Muhammad (peace be upon him) saw this dream only once!!! .Now someone may say that may be he is lying (God forbid) for those who say this I want to make this very clear that He ‘never lied’, not only this he was from his early age famous for his truthfulness that even the Pagans called him ‘Sadiq’ means truthful. Secondly, if it was really a pedophilic urge why didn’t he choose Ayesha (R.A)? as he waited for almost 3 years so that she may mature completely for the consummation to take place which is impossible hard for a pedophile to wait as wants to do molest a child quickly and also if it was really a pedophilic dream he could have chosen some other small girl of Arabia other than Ayesha so that he may not have to wait for 3 years as pedophiles normally do they don’t want to wait for it. Also it is very strange that all pedophiles molest a child they don’t ‘marry’ the child. Was Ayesha (R.A) really a child? Ayesha herself said , “ When a girl reaches nine year of age, She is a woman.[Sunan al-Tirmidhi, Kitab al-Nikah]” But this is cannot be taken as a general rule and every nine year old girl cannot be married to anyone , Shariah has its rule which are formed under the light of both Quran and hadith which I also discussed here. The reason I narrated this is because I want to made it crystal clear to the critics that Ayesha (R.A) was completely a ‘mature girl’ and also the age of puberty varies with the region and it was an accepted norm in Arabia to for a mature man to marry a young girl and not only in Arabia but in Christian Europe also.  The second criteria is that there should some stress in work or in social context, we know that during his early days of Prophet hood the situation was critical but Muhammad (peace be upon him) was not an ordinary personality he had a firm control over his nerves and secondly he never had ‘any pedophilic trait’ in his life.


12. Like physcopaths pedophiles have lower-level defenses e.g. splitting, primitive denial, rationalization, avoidance, and quasi-delusion. I have discussed avoidance and rationalization earlier as far as question of denial and quasi delusion is concerned. According to Mary Rowe, “These are people (with quasi-delusion) who have ideas which appear contrary to fact, and who in addition seem obsessed about these ideas.” (The Journal of the university & collegue ombuds association, Occasional paper number 1/fall 1994). It means they are unrealistic, their ideas are imaginary now if Muhammad (peace be upon him) had imaginary ideas which has nothing to do with reality then how come Islam become of the world’s most second largest religion? His teaching inspired people at that time and it’s still inspiring today. According to the report published in June 2004 by Colorado Sex offender Management board, “The offender’s denial and resistance to treatment may be weak or strong. The offender many move from a weaker level of denial to a stronger one or from a stronger level to a weaker one, depending upon a variety of internal and external events.”(pg.117, under the heading Appendix B, Level and Types of Denial). The types of denial show by sex offenders range from Level 1 to level 4. The report says, “Level 1 types of denial are weak and least resistant to change; level 4 types of denial are severe and most resistant to change; level 2 and level 3 are in between.” So what does this mean? It means that Pedophiles denies their actions but their denial varies, some admits with minimization about the action (offense) they had taken, some deny the offense but may admit engaging less harmful behaviors, some deny everything. Especially offenders falling under category of Level 3 and Level 4 show strong level of splitting, avoidance, denial and possibly disassociation. Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) always took full responsibility of his action, if he did something he never denied it. It means he always spoke the truth and taught his followers to only speak the truth even if that goes against them.


13. Lets judge the behavioral level as proposed by Millon’s theory. In behavioral level, pedophile exhibit poor control over impulses and according to Marlatt (1989)’s concept of PIG pedophiles tend to hastily, to be shortsighted, incautious, imprudent, and ignorant of predictable consequences. Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) was out and out calm and peaceful, he never took hasty decision in his lifetime. He was visionary and highly intelligent though he never attended any school. He always took the right decision, once he had dreamed of circulating about the Kabbah, he told about this to his followers (sahabas), they agreed they would go to perform Hajj that year; at that time, Mekkah was under the control of the disbelievers. They did not allow him (peace be upon him) and sahabas (followers) to perform the Hajj but rather signed a ‘peace treaty’; Many of the followers of sahabas were not happy with the decision of the Prophet but the time prove that its due to this treaty Islam gained so much penetration in Arabia without receiving any harm from the Quresh. Later, this decision which was initially seen as ‘defeat’ proved not only his visionary capabilities but also his inclination towards peace and tranquility. If he was hasty, short sighted and ignorant of the predictable consequences then he should have ordered his followers to fight the battle next year, besides his followers were already bothered by the Quresh’s refusal that they were not expecting a ‘peaceful pact’ with them which Prophet did.


14. At phenomenological level, pedophiles are disdainful to social norms and moral values and have distorted views regarding children; for those children are just toys of sex and pleasure. Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) was highly moral in character his source of morality does not come from culture but from human feelings and emotions. At pre-Islamic era and before the prophet hood, Arabs used to bury their daughters but Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) never liked this. He gave woman the right of inheritance and the dignity which she lost. Its indeed supervising that a person like Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) who hated this cultural norm of Arabia (to burry infant girls) can ever behave like a ‘pedophile’ (who really does not love children)? Well! Some critics really have to answer some burning question.


15. At intraspecific level, pedophile are unable to control their impulses they act on them without any feeling of guilt or remorse, constraint is rarely used to control negative emotions and feelings. Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) never had such impulses as I have discussed above in great detail, he was perfect both in behavior and in character.


16. Biophysical level does not directly addresses a pedophile but it can be argued that by definition pedophiles are deficient in social charitableness as well as in compassion and remorse for the act whereas Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) was altruist; it’s in the record of history that no beggar ever went from his house with empty hands. He (peace be upon him) never refuse anyone, he never liked to live luxurious live, throughout his life he lead a simple and contented life. If he received something as a gift, he distributed it among the poor and needy.

So far was my research, now the text below is taken from the book ‘Islamophoes’s glass house, refuting the charge ‘Muhammad (peace be upon him) was a pedophile, by Ibn-ul-Hashmi. You can download this marvelous by either clicking this site http://www.islamic-life.com/forums/quran-hadith-prophet-muhammad/book-refuting-islamaphobes-claim-prophet-muhammad-pedophile-1441 or Just type the name of the book in google search bar. The book addressed little on the psychology of pedophilia so I just expanded his work. The text below is taken from his book as well as my replies to allegation which are normally found in Islamophobes website and which are not present in his book.

Check back for more post on this. Watch this video of Yusuf Estes on Prophet (PBUH) marriage with Aisha (RA): [pro-player width=’480′ height=’385′ type=’video’]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gt7vS7kxc50[/pro-player]

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