Ramadan is here once again ALHUMDULILLAH ! And like ever before, there would be lots and lots and lots of cooking this Ramadan too. Everyone wants best aftaar after having fast of 15-18 hours. Thus we often get a little extravagant in cooking during Ramadan. But unfortunately Ramadan of most of our sisters is spent in kitchen!!! Cooking saher and aftaar for family.

Wait a second !!! is that what Ramadan is meant for? No dear ! absolutely not! Ramadan is indeed a month of blessings but these blessings are not just restricted to your stomach. the whole aim of Ramadan is gaining taqwa and you can’t do that if you don’t feel the pain of hunger. Don’t waste your precious time standing for hours in the kitchen. So this article would be giving you some fine cooking tips for Ramadan. Lets start !!!

Cooking Tips:

1)     Avoid Extra Things:

Keep every thing as simple as possible. Don’t cook anything extra, in fact meals should be more simple. Focus on ibaadah, rather than food.

2)      Search for fun, simple and quick recipes now and save them for Ramadan. It may take a long time to find quick, simple and good recipes but believe me, your time would be well spent. cooking tips for Ramadan

3)      For sake of time saving, try recipes that depend on putting something in the oven or slow cooker that doesn’t necessarily need you standing there.

4)      Do less frying. As much less as much possible. It takes a lot of time and its not healthy any way.

5)     Healthy food for Kids:

As kids do not fast (of lower age group), Kids breakfast, lunch and snacks during the day should be healthy but choose no cooking options. You can try healthy smoothies, sandwiches, Plenty of raw fruit and veggies etc.

6)   Simple Items:

   2-3 simple items in aftaar or saher would be enough. Its not necessary to decorate and stuff whole the table with food. cooking tips for Ramadan

7)    Sweet Dish:

  A good sweet dish in every aftaar in not much important.  You can compensate the need of sweet dish with dates and other fresh fruits.

8)     Cook at Home:

Minimize extravagant outings, meals at restaurants etc. Cook at home. for the same reason above,save the money towards giving charity. Ramadan isn’t about more food , it should be the opposite. We should hardly care about it except to give us energy to continue.

9)     Less Outing and Less Eating:

Tell your husband,kids that this Ramadan it will be less outing and less eating. so everyone knows what to expect, ask for their support and to make this Ramadan about paradise NOT the kitchen.

10)  Invite People at Saher and Aftaar:

Do invite people at aftaar and saher, have dinners, but the key is same, do not try to be extravagant. So, One dish parties can be a good option, every member invited cooks an item to bring for aftaar. And try to get some spiritual benefit out of it even if you just share one hadith with them.

11)  Iftar for Fasting Person:

Don’t forget to put an intention while cooking that you are making iftar for a fasting person, even if it is your husband and children.

10-  Make Zikar While Cooking:

Listen to a lesson or quran while cooking. Or simply just make any zikr, try not to waste any time. cooking tips for Ramadan

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