I would like to share to you my brothers and sisters in faith about my conversion to islam.


Assalam O Alaikum wa Rahmatullahi wa Bahrakatu

It is a story of a person about conversion to islam!.

I was born and reared in small town in the Philippines. I grew there as a Christian, my family and I lived in a simple life, until I was in High School. We were religious people, I was surrounded with good people—relatives, friends, neighbors and even classmates. In my town, I never had Muslim friends, I didn’t even see any Muslim man or woman there…so, I completely had no idea about Islam. But in school, in religion subject, I remembered my teacher said something about Islam and other religions too.

But to make the story short…I left my hometown for college. There I went to an exclusive Christian School. But, there I started to question about some confusions in my previous faith. There were answered and unanswered questions as well. May be this was the first un-noticed step of my conversion to islam!

After 9/11:

Until such time when 9/11 Twin Tower attack happened. It was news all over the country. News here and there, talking about Muslims… so, from there I was curious about Muslims, I sat and held the mouse of the computer and searched about Muslims. I was confused, until one day, I met a Muslim man and asked about Islam. He told me the basics of Islam and its way and I also asked his belief about Jesus and Mary, the angels and the end of the world. I was really amazed how he explained it in a logical way. I was interested and in my free time, I tried to research and read more about Islam, but I had no intention of converting.

Days passed, it was hard for me because I felt like I was betraying my faith and my God, by reading Islam as well as other religions. I stopped. I read the Bible and it so happened I read again the law about the lawful and unlawful food. Few months later, I contacted that Muslim man and told him I wanna be Muslim and he helped me with my Shahada. It was the happiest moment when I took my Shahada and my conversion to islam was warmly greeted by so many fellow muslims.

Family Acceptance After Conversion to islam!:

But, it was also hard for me because I was thinking of my family, their thoughts and reactions about my conversion. It was half a year until I had the courage to tell them about my new faith. They were disappointed at me, but they also accepted and listened to me. So, it was the best thing that I ever thanked ALLAH, that they didn’t oppose at all.

Outside home, I mean in school, I told my classmates that I am a Muslim (that time, I was not wearing hijab yet), and they did not believe me. Some friends accepted and remained my friends, some got scared and they kept distance from me, and some totally rejected me. So, I was like, “who cares if you don’t like me being Muslim!”. So, I had to ignore them. It was also the first time, I was discriminated for being a Muslim, I was even bullied.

Hard Time of Life:

Even one of my professor, marked me absent one time for not attending their mass even if I had the permission to not attend. I accepted it all. I had hard time, really hard time adjusting. Sometimes, I cry myself to sleep, asking what’s wrong for being a Muslim? But thanks to the Almighty Allah swt! I didn’t give up. No matter how hard, I still want to try because I know I have Islam. I am lucky!

I decided to wear my hijab for the first time in the first year of being a Muslim. And worst discrimination was tested. Some classmates insulted me for covering my hair, that minute they treated me the way they did, made me feel I am an outcast, I felt I am different, I felt like I had a disease that can infect them. I was so hurt, not because I was insulted, but it was because they laughed at me and insulted the way we Muslims pray. Right there—that very moment, I was enraged by anger, but I was never violent…I left them, went home and I cried till I fell asleep. The next morning, I had to be optimistic and be ready for another day of bullying.

Change the School With Conversion to Islam!:

I decided to transfer to another school. And Alhamdulillah!, my classmates and friends were so kind to me. I am so thankful.

Until now, I never stopped learning and never stopped reading books about Islam. Islam is the best! I am so happy and satisfied to be a Muslim.

Now, I am proud to say that, I feel comfortable of what I am, my hijab, my faith and my Islam are the greatest asset I have.

I realized, after all I knew the truth, my family accepted me and I know the real friends. That’s the most important part and I should be happy about it. I have God, and I know He won’t ever leave me.

I am a Muslim and I will die to be a Muslim.


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16 Responses to My Conversion to Islam

  1. Malika says:

    Salamwalaikum warahamatullah sister.
    Alhamdullilah you were guided. Your story so touching and you were so brave and strong
    Allah Inshaa-Allah no doubt will reward you.
    May Allah make it easy for you every step you take.
    You are a shining example to those who are borne Muslim and take the deen lightly.

    Love you for Allah sake,
    Welcome to Muhammeds Ummah.

  2. Sidra Kaukab says:

    Shukran Sis Malika!
    Jaza’ak Allah for your kind words.
    keep , rading , visiting , sharing and subscribe to our mailing list on the right 🙂

  3. mehfooz ahmad says:

    you are a good example for others.keep on spreading peace & light

  4. Amna Farooq says:

    JAZAKALLAH for your nice comments.
    your kind words would surely be an appreciation for her.
    keep visiting our blog.

  5. kahkashan says:

    u are avery brave lady,,,,may ALLAH bless you.

  6. Aminah says:

    Assalamalikom sister. You are a very strong & brave woman. Im deeply touched by your courage & strength. Allah has guided you to the right path. SubhanALLAH. May Allah reward you tremendously for your efforts. May HE make things smooth & easy for you. Aamin. JzakAllah Kheiran for this site. Your sister in Islam. Aminah

  7. Sidra Kaukab says:

    Jazaak Allah Aminah! Thanks for the appreciation :*
    Keep visitng and reading our blogs 🙂

  8. Md Faizan Alam says:

    I have no words to about your conversion to Islam except masha allah alhumdu lillah

  9. Amna Farooq says:

    JAZAKALLAH md faizan alam 🙂

    your well wishes are valued 🙂
    keep visiting our web site 🙂

  10. EdEddnEddy says:

    Ma shaa Allah

    Wa maa iyakfuru bihaa- illaal’facikun

  11. Abdul Qadeer says:

    Wellcome to Islam,the religious of peace.Allah make you and me a good muslim.

  12. Amna Farooq says:

    @abdul Qadeer.
    JAZAKALLAH for your prayers. do visit our site again.

  13. saleem says:

    Aliahmudulilahi for you. Alimight ALLAH will continous to guide you.

  14. Amna Farooq says:

    JAZAKALLAH for your support. keep visiting our website 🙂

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