Do you want to work in an organization that supports and encourages teamwork, provides training and will help you in every step of the way? We can hire you if you are just a middle school graduate.


Must have excellent communication skills, including a bright, confident speaking voice and a friendly rapport with customers. While they may work from a script, telesales reps must also have the ability to be flexible and creative in dealing with customers.

Must represent the company in a favorable light at all times. This calls for optimistic people who aren’t easily upset and who naturally like working with others. Sales representatives must be persuasive and highly motivated to make sales.

Since it is often necessary to establish a relationship with a client before a successful sale, they must also be patient and persistent.  Are often required to input sales data into a computer while on the telephone with a customer, so keyboarding skills are needed.


  • High School Diploma or equivalent or successful work experience.
  • Conduct telephone calls to prospective companies to identify Customer Service Needs.
  • Target calling lists. You must be comfortable making cold calls including taking some rejection.
  • Research company data from Internet websites and various internal database. Update internal customer relationship management system with relevant data.
  • Follow up by telephone and schedule Trials with and Get conversion. Work in conjunction with Scheduling & Coordination Group.

Desired Skills & Experience

  • You must be comfortable making 40 to 60 researched dials per day and speaking live with five to10 people.
  • Must have proven experience with customers and coordination team.
  • Must able to manage customers retention process.
  • Must able to work with Teachers, Teachers Coordinators, and Scheduling Team.
  • You must be energetic, enthusiastic and articulate. You must be 100% fluent in English.
  • You must have excellent verbal and written communication skills. You must be client-centric.
  • Some post-secondary education is preferred. (Experience and Personality can supersede).
  • You must able to work in Night Shift Full time.
  • Experience required: Minimum one year.

Salary & Bonuses better than the market rate.

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