Story Of A Catholic:

It is a story of a Catholic woman. She says I have been a Muslim since 1/22/13. Moreover, we both reverted together and had a nikkah four days later lol we met Muslims about three days after who told us we should be married. So we did it the next day.
My husband is from New Jersey, so he knew Muslims,

I never did, and he knew that Muslims were good people. It was him who encouraged me to watch lectures and stuff. I would say no all the time because I honestly thought women were not treated fairly. This went on for about nine months until one day; he asked me very earnestly to please watch a lecture with him. So I did and thought it was fascinating. Soon I found myself watching and researching when my husband was not around!
This is how I was lead to it.

As far as me! I was raised catholic, In a very catholic household. At least when I was younger, we were always in church. I am smart, Alhamdulillah, and began to read the bible, young at 10-11. This was supposed to make me more catholic, but since my reading was good, it was clear to me that the bible was saying things the priest wasn’t!

As A Catholic I Was Not Believing on Bible:

Jesus never said he was God, and I didn’t understand why things did not make sense! I would ask, and people would be mean to me. Finally, they told me not to ask questions. And I was convinced it was a conspiracy. I felt betrayed and horrible. Since I was so young, I thought if the bible is lying, there must not be God.

I was so hurt! At 12, I told my mom that Jesus was not God and the bible is lying, and I was not catholic. She told me I was going to hell and would constantly tell me I was going to hell for not believing in catholic and not going to church.

Years past and I felt so lost and confused. I had always had a strong love for God but didn’t think of other religions. At 16, I almost died, and at that moment, I felt ALLAH’s love. When I woke up, I cried and knew no matter what, THERE WAS A GOD. So I Just believed in GOD but not a religion until after watching lectures. I read them, and I fell in love! The first time I read the Quran, I cried because THIS was what I was searching for my whole life. Quran answered all the questions I had ever had. I felt in my heart these words are from Allah.

Muslims are Lucky:

I feel, By birth, Muslims are so lucky to have been born into Islam Alhamdulillah! One thing I find so beautiful about Muslim people truly does want to hear your revert stories. Now I find myself listening and watching revert stories as well. Though I myself am a revert, I love revert stories. When I was pregnant, I always cried watching them, lol, but as a fellow revert, I understand the moment of finding Allah so clearly. It always makes me emotional. I like to share mine, too; I think it’s amazing to look back and see the signs I received. “

She read the Quran, and she fell in love with the Quran. Do you love the Quran? It would require reading! We can help you develop better reading and understanding of the Quran.

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