Imam Jafar Sadiq (RA) says:

Modesty is the symbol of faith and whoever has no modesty (Hijab), has no religion.

Hijab is the prescribed uniform (as I like to call It.) for women in Islam. Allah (SWT) has chosen hijab for His female creation. First let’s try to compile the requirements of hijab, or let us understand what hijab actually is.

Parts of body Covered in Hijab:

Hijab includes covering the whole SATR (prescribed area, from neck to ankles),

  • covering your arms till your wrists
  • legs till your ankles
  • Keeping your torso covered (remember! your tummy peeking off your tee-shirts or your back and crack showing through your low waist jeans IS NOT PERMISSIBLE at all.)
  •  keeping your bust covered in a way that it doesn’t giveaway your beauty and
  • Keeping your hair fully covered
  • Dressing up modestly (wearing clothes that shows off every curve is like not being dressed at all.)

I’ve often heard debates about how to carry hijab in a westernized society without being the center of attention? I often hear the western Muslim women complaining that wearing hijab among non-Muslims makes u more noticeable and hence defies the very purpose of it.

First of all we should all understand that wearing Hijab is an obligation and NOT an option for Muslim women. And how we are supposed to fulfill that obligation is in an as-is manner. So once you decide to follow Islam’s way of life there’s no going back. You need to be fully aware of that. Hence if you decide to wear hijab put away all your excuses.

But then again if you want to go all covered yet trendy and inconspicuous then dive into this blog post and find your ultimate solutions.

(P.S: it is NOT the-right or the-only way of wearing hijab but it is one of the ways J )

Tips to Stay Under Cover:

Here are a few tips to stay under cover and all modest in a non- Muslim society. (Now no more whining ladies)

1)      Instead of wearing a head scarf try switching to boni caps or woolen caps that look cute and simple. Like these :


2)      Since you need to cover up your neck too how about you add up some turtle necks that are the same color your cap is.

learn_Quran, Quran_courses_online, learn_tajwid, learn_tajweed, new_muslim

3)     Use Woolen/Cotton Caps:

Another way to look trendy as well as blended in is to wear woolen/ cotton caps on head and mufflers around your neck to keep it all covered.


This is a cute and trendy looking muffler I particularly love this one.

Here’s a button up muffler too that looks absolutely amazing and is very comfortable to wear around

th (1)

4)     Portable Hijab Style Muffler:

This portable hijab styled muffler really intrigued me and I think is surely worth trying. It looks very much like a hoodie and can save you from many stares while keeping you all warm, cozy and comfortable in winters as well as at a safe distance from Allah’s wrath ;).  Westernized Society


5)     Dress :

Now about the dress; again modesty is the key ladies. Don’t go all shiny silks and too bright colors and skinny clothes when your dressing up for your daily routine. Instead go for some light, loose, casual and decent looking dress, gowns, skirts and even pants. Pair it with a cute styled hijab or woolen caps or whatever.

Here are two cute and acceptable outfits that you can wear to stay covered and yet look chic.

If you decide to wear pants then either go for loose pants or cover yourself up with a knee long tunic and maybe a cardigan or blazer over it and of course a matching hijab.

Another trendy yet modest way of dressing up is this skirt with a lousy blouse and smart blazer paired with a printed hijab to bring some colors.

6)      Accessorize yourself all you want but again within the circle of simplicity and staying as far off from extravaganza as possible.   Westernized Society

See the wrists are all covered, the dresses are loose, the bosom is securely under cover and yet the look is perfectly modern, casual and fabulous.

Being a Muslimah is a blessing indeed let’s not mope around and kill the joys of being a woman. Celebrate being a woman, celebrate the fact that you are precious enough that not everyone is allowed to set eyes on you. And be happy that you’re the most beautiful creation of Allah even under your cover you are adorable. Aren’t you?

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9 Responses to Carrying Your Hijab in a Westernized Society Without Being the Centre of Attention

  1. Mansoor says:

    coevring face is d part of hijab or not?

  2. Sidra Kaukab says:

    well there are two different opinions concerning that. Almost half of the Ulemas (Islamic Scholars) agree that covering your face is an essential part of Hijab while the rest disagree.

  3. sabika says:

    great work sidra (Y)
    keep it up 🙂

  4. Sidra Kaukab says:

    Thank You for appreciation 🙂

  5. […] was Ramadan that she started considering wearing Hijab seriously. She wanted to do this but She was Confused, Nervous , apprehensive , scared of taking […]

  6. Sidra Kaukab says:

    Jaza’ak Allah 🙂

  7. k.u.baneen says:

    how one can cover herself in hot countries?

  8. Amna Farooq says:

    you can use cool colors which are less absorbent towards radiations. use breathable stuff. do not use silky stuff in summers, it will cause more sweating.
    there are variety of scarfs available now in market. use thin but not see through stuff.
    above all, you need motivation and your own will. it is not as much difficult sister.
    companions of prophet Muhammad (s.a.w) and His wivws used to cover in blasting heat in desert of arabia 🙂
    i assume we live in much better conditions and have much easier ways of covering our selves now.
    May ALLAH ease your difficulties. keep visiting us.

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