I am QuranQuran, I am a book of Allah, words of Allah;
The best friend of you Indeed is Quran
will always be there in each of your needs is the Quran
You need to open me and find in place or shelve
I have a solution for you through every thick and thin
You keep me on a high place or shelf
but you act upon me and change yourself
I am indeed the last book of ALLAH; when you read
These are the words of Allah; one word will give you ten good deeds
If you read me; you should be clean
if you follow me; your actions should not be mean
if you preach me; your actions should be very keen
make sure that your kids learn me at an early age
and I will be there to help and guide them at every stage
Once start learning; you will get addicted to me
always will prefer to read me whenever you will be free
Quran is the last book of Allah; His creatures have received. It guides us all according to Allah’s will in all matters of our lives. Therefore, we should read the Quran in our daily life. We need to understand the message that Allah Almighty has sent for us in this Holy Book. 
The word Qur’an means “the reading” or “the recitation” and refers to the divinely revealed scripture given to Prophet Muhammad PBUM. Since Prophet Muhammad PBUH is considered the last Prophet of Allah, the Qur’an is believed to be the final revelation from Allah to humanity.
The Holy book of the Quran is translated into many languages so people from different communities can easily understand the words of Allah. It is the last book of Allah. Therefore, we should not only keep it with us, but we also need to read it.
Read Quran !!!

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