The word Ramadan means boiling heat or dryness. Ramadan is the holy month, and according to the Islamic calendar, it is the ninth month. Ramadan is one of the special months in which ALLAH showers his countless blessings. The month lasts 29-30 days based on the visual sightings of the crescent moon. Ramadan is a time of spiritual reflection, improvement, and increase devotion and worship. Ramadan also teaches Muslims how to better practice self-discipline, self-control.

Hazrat Muhammad ﷺ said About Blessinggs Of Ramadan:

‘O, People! The month of Allah (SWT) has come with His mercies and blessings. This is the month that is the best of all months in the eyes of Allah (SWT). Its days are the best of days; its nights are the best of nights. and its hours are the best of hours.’

Ramadan is so precious that one should fast, recite Quran and keep him engaged in worship day and night. In addition, one should perform Taraweeh, nafal, salaah, and make dua. In this way, by giving preference to religion over self desires, a person can acquire the pleasure and nearness of Allah.

Allah mentioned patience more than seventy times in the Quran and has commanded patience.

So through fasting, Muslims are tested by ALLAH., and if one shows patience, ALLAH gets happy from him. ALLAH wants Muslims to be strong-willed who can follow Sunnah in the right meanings.

Quran says About Blessings Of Ramadan:

“The month of Ramadan is the month of Qur’an descendence as guidance for humanity. as a clear proof of that guidance and as a criterion for distinguishing between right and wrong.” 

(2: 185).

To a Muslim, fasting not only means abstaining from food and but also refraining from all vices and evils committed by us consciously or unconsciously. Therefore, if one volunteer to refrain from lawful foods and sex, they will be better positioned to avoid unlawful things and acts during the rest of the year.

Allah (SWT) says:

“That He wants you to complete the prescribed period (of fasting). So that you can magnify the greatness of Allah for His having guided you, and so that – perchance – you may be thankful.”

(2: 185).

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