When the word Ramadan comes in our mind, most of us think only about Sehar, Iftar. Many Muslims spend the Fast while sleeping or watching television and listening to music etc. Ramadan is supposed to be the time of year in which we think about our sins and repent for them. It is a training month to prepare for the challenges facing us for the rest of eleven months.

Things to Do:

Following is a list of issues we all should reflect on during time in Ramadan:

1. First of all after Sehar or Fajar prayers take time to recite the Dua’s and Adhkar.

Pray to Allah

2. After Asar Prayer, When the time of Iftar is approaching most of the women are busy in kitchen and they are just after cooking new and new dishes but it’s the time to pray to our Allah not for ourselves but also for other Muslim ummah and to ask Allah for forgiveness and similar behavior should be adopted by Muslim men who mostly spend this time by either sleeping or just doing nothing.

3. The Iftar is the best time for a Muslim doing fast as it is also stated in Hadith and this is the time that everyone should do lots of Dua from Allah almighty because this is the best time in Ramadan that the Dua is being accepted by Allah as stated in Hadith.

Ask Forgiveness:

4. The Isha prayer and the Qiyam-ul-Layl is the best time when one is totally free and can share his problems and miseries with Allah and ask Allah for forgiveness.

5. Pay special attention to ensure that your family avoids falling into any Haram thing.

6. The fast is not just the name of remaining hungry from dawn till dusk but it also teaches us that we should not harm anybody through our tongue, actions and character.

This is a short list of things one can do in Ramadan to become good and better Muslim and is a road map for every Muslim to spend the rest of the year following the same routine mentioned above.

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